CATWOMEN-Rescuing the Prophet! Part 1

TTRRRRRRIIIINNNGGGG….The phone kept ringing.But Nishita couldnt pick it up coz she was busy preparing her kids for school.Being a mother of two & also being Catwoman at the same time wasnt the easiest thing in the world.She had 2 adorable kids.The elder one a girl of 6 yrs named Prophelia & the younger one a boy of 4 yrs who for some strange reason looked chinese & hence the name Ching Wang Loo. Many had asked her how he came out Chinese for which she always gave some vague answer. Finally when they were ready she dropped them off to school. When she returned home the phone was still ringing for the umpteenth time.She picked up & froze “huhuhuhuhuhu scooby dooby doooo huhuhuh” The moment she heard that evil laugh on the phone she knew who it was.It could be none other than Kevin also know as Gundamani Ranga Pooki(GRP).

Gundamani Ranga Pooki was the most feared villain in the whole of buntwala taluk(nobody knows why only buntwala).He & the Catwomen had fought many a battle in which he had lost every time.But he never gave up.He was known to have a database with the details of every girl in South India.Why that piece of information is related to this story again nobody knows.His favourite method of killing people was his evil laugh “huhuhuhu scoobyoooo huhuhuh” which would shatter the listners tympanic membrane of the ear leading to lymphosarcoma of the liver which inturn caused blindness.Death occured due to the victim falling under speeding vehicles due to blindness.He would do anything to get rid of the Catwomen so that he could spread terror among the people of buntwala.

Heellllooooo Cat Woman” he barked into the phone.The menacing tone could not be missed,
Yes Gundamani Ranga Pooki….What do you want, havent I kicked your @$$ enough” She said in a calm voice.
Huhuhuhuhuh…. Dont talk like that to me Cat Woman,I have something of yours in my possession huhuhuhuhu” he said again with that evil laugh
Then all of a sudden she heard her husbands voice on the phone  “darling help me help me…. Ranga pooki is pinching me here

Her husband was this sissy guy who used to teach philosophy at the university.He spoke passionately about the world, its future & various predictions about life & death & so his students lovingly called him The Prophet.The fact that he was a real pansy didnt matter to Nishita coz she loved him very much & would do anything for him.She also loved him coz she was the boss when he’s around.He did exactly what she said be it painting the house frog green color, eating her cooking which nobody else could even stand the smell.Infact her cooking was her weapon of choice when it came to crime fighting coz she had used it many a time to get rid of the clueless villains.Nobody knows whether her cooking was really that bad or if she did it on purpose just to kill the bad guys.Whatever the reason,one thing was certain that she had given her life for crime fighting

What have you done to my husband” she screamed on the phone
Nothin yet, you know where to find me.All you have to do is come here along with that assistant of yours & take your husband away” he said with his smile
Ill make you pay for this Ranga Pooki” she again screamed in anger
Huhuhuhu… Im Pooki! Gundamani Ranga Pooki,I fear nobody“…..suddenly the phone went dead
Nishita panicked wondering what happened.Luckily she had caller Id & so called back the number.He picked up.
Gundamani-“Sorry I didnt recharge my phone so it got cut…Anyways come within 24 hours or else Prophet will be sent to you in million pieces.Also do a vodafone chota recharge for me when you leave the house
The phone went dead…. Nishita had a million thoughts running in her head.She 1st called her partner,Shovita the Catwoman No.2 & told her everything.

Shovita was Nishita’s cousin.She was also her partner in fighting crime & together they had fought many a battle & won.When not fighting evil she led a regular life.She had given up all worldly pleasures & dedicated her life to prayer.She had decided not to get married as she thought that it would be a major distraction.She stayed alone in large house in Blueberry hills.

Shovita was livid when she heard what Nishita said.She wanted to go immediately & chop Gundamani’s !@#$%. But Nishita being the calmer one asked her to give her some more time to think.She needed to have a proper plan coz she knew that Gundamani Ranga Pooki would surely trap her once she reaches him.She knew that she was gonna be busy for the next 24 hrs so first she needed someone to take care of her kids.She immediately called her trusted friend Ryan…

Ryan was a very close friend of Nishita & one of the 4 people who knew about her dual identity.He was a nice guy but a gold digger.He had married a much much older lady who was extremely rich & was waiting for her to konk off so that he could his hands on all her wealth.But to his bad luck his wife seemed to be getting stronger by the day.She looked horrible & her hair looked like one of those things thats used to remove cob webs from the walls.She was weird & made him dance all day.

Ryan-“Hey Ni…whats up.How’s everything in the billi world” & laughed at his own silly joke
Nishita-“Ryan,Im in trouble.Gundamani has kidnapped my husband.Shovi & me are now gonna rescue him,I wanted to you to watch my kids till I come back
Ryan-“Dont worry Ni.You go & get him back.Ill look after your kids”
Nishita-” Prophelia has dance class at 5 so you’ll have to pick her up from there & Ching Wang Loo eats only chinese ok
Ryan-“Yeah I’ve looked after them earlier,dont you worry.All the best to you both
Nishita sat for a while to take a breath.She knew she now had to get her Cat suit out & also her energy drink “Metacin Mocha”.The drink was secretly stored in her uncle’s house who was the only other person who knew her identity.His name was Lalleshwar Tippayya.

Lalleshwar Tippayya was a sleazy !@#$%^& who had only one thing on his mind.All he did was sit eyeing young college girls wearing pink shirts with something or other disgusting written on it.Nishita hated him but had to listen to his crap coz only he knew the recipe of the “Metacin Mocha” without which Nishita wouldnt be able to get energised.It was a special drink prepared from the herbs found deep in the jungles of Pilikula.
Nishita gave him a call & asked him to deliver 2 bottles of “Metacin Mocha” immmediately.She then called Shovita & asked her to come to her house ASAP.She arrived there in no time.They both got into their Cat suits.Nishita’s was obviously frog green in color & Shovita’s the regular one.Nishita wore her special silver ear rings.The ear rings didnt have any special powers, just that she wanted to look good even while fighting crime.They got into the CAT MOBILE screaming “billi billi meow meow, we are gonna make Gundamani go kheow kheow”  & so they set off…….



1)All the characters in the article except Lalleshwar Tippayya are fictional.Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely co-incidental

2)All the actors are professionals

3)Part 2 will have some violence so please keep your kids away from it


  1. hey liked the story but i suggest u change your name to ‘driller dhumanna’ suits your gold digging character…..

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