So the waiter comes & we decide to place the orders
Levin: One masala paapad & let the paapad be roasted.
Kevin: One chicken manchow soup.
Sudeep: One bottle of cold bisleri.
Waiter: *thinking to himself * “Wa marler,Ninkampoops” & then out loud “sorry sir none of that is available,I can give u all a plate of meals with the fish of your choice
Everyone says “ok” in unison.
Rohit: Shmucks!
Levin: What?
Rohit: Nevermind
Sunny: So what plans next?
Ryan: Beach! But after around 5 ok
Sunny: Yeah Virgin beach ok
Kevin: Why is it called VIRGIN beach?
Levin: *grins* Coz I’ve never been on it.
Kevin: Huh?
Rohit: Nevermind
The food arrives.Btw Anil is still here.He’s just making his presence felt by not being there.
Ryan: This is too damn spicy.
Sudeep : Now laugh, when I asked for bisleri all thought that it was a joke
Kevin: This fish tastes like potato
Rohit: Shmuck…That is potato.The fish is in the other plate
Kevin: Oh…huhuhuhuh scooby doo huhuhuhuhu….
Levin: *out loud* You spin my head right round, rightround when you go down….
Sudeep: *out loud* Lovers live longer, lovers live right…
A kid at the next table looks at both of them & starts crying
Kevin: I wish Anuroop was here.I miss him so much & then thinks to himself “I think the bill will be about 700 bucks which means ill have to pay aorund 100 bucks”
Sudeep : Im just happy coz Rohit is here
Rohit doesnt exactly know what that means so he just pretends not to have heard it.He’s always been wary of Sudeeps feelings for him
Sunny: This Anjaal is really good men.I think they get it from bunder blah blah blah….
Lunch takes an eternity & just as Ryan wanted they all reached the beach around 5.
Sudeep: Take off your clothes guys, lets play in the water
Kevin: shi shi…im not comin.Right now the winds are blowing towards us at around 60 miles per hour,the tide seems a lil high, the water is dirty so its dangerous & most importantly I havent bought spare undies.
Sudeep: You can wear mine.
Nobody still knows whether he was serious or joking coz with Sudeep you never know.
Kevin: *seriously* “Yours will be too big for me”
So the 5 of them minus Kevin in to the water.Rohit taught everyone how to ride a wave.When everyone said that they had mastered it they decided to give it a go.A huge wave-123 jump-splutter splutter-backup-a quick scan to see if everyone was still there.They were,all except Sudeep who was on the shore with is face buried in the sand still shouting “Im fine Im fine”
An hour later all are relaxing on the shore playing a game of uno.
Ryan: Remember the bbq party at AUNTY’s PLACE?Wasnt that just awesome
Kevin: Yeah Anuroop was there
Ryan: Didnt you try to go & sleep with him at that night?
Kevin: Yeah man…He kicked me when I went & slept next to him,its still paining.All i wanted to do was sleep coz there was no other place.
Sunny: Levin dont cheat.
Anil: Yeah Laveena was also there, I wonder where she is now.
Kevin: She’s in dubai man, she broke up with her guy & went there to work.Her sister is still here studying in Aloysius.She’s going around with that guy Jason.He’s your neighbour Ryan, You dont know him?
Ryan: No
Rohit stares blanky at Kevin not knowing what to say.
Ryan: Im hungry.
Sudeep: That ************ turned out to be such a w****e man
Levin: Yeah she’s like a doorknob 😀
Kevin: Why?
Levin: *grinning* Coz everybody gets a turn.
Kevin: Whats the connection?
Anil: Uno
Rohit: Didnt you still get what Levin meant?
Sunny: Damn…The stupid sand went into my eyes.
Kevin: Damn…I forgot to say Uno.
Levin : Damn…i forgot how to play the game.
Ryan: I win! (Coz its my story)
Levin: Im triple K….Killer, Kamina & 3rd one which I cant remember
Ryan: Lets freshen up & head to Howzzat
Levin: Tonights Gonna be a good night…..wooooohhhoooooo
Kevin: Stop acting like a F****r & act like a CA….Oh sorry you still arent one no huhuhuhuhuhu
Levin:*screaming* “WWAAAADDDDUUPPP! Im high on life people!.Im triple K….Killer, Kameena & the 3rd one which i still dont remember”
Ryan: Damn…Tonights gonna be a long night
Kevin: Hey Sharon’s here
Anil: Who’s that
Rohit: Dont even dare to start,enough for 1 day
Kevin: She’s my cousin
‘OH’ said everyone embarassed
Levin: screams all of a sudden “Im KHULLA SAAND!!!! That was the 3rd K, though now i forgot the 1st two!”
Tang: Levin your friends are such pussies man.
The night turns into early morning….There’s crazy dancing, there’s heavy drinking,there’s flirting, there r lectures( Levins drunken relationship lectures that somehow I end up getting), there’s puking, there’s cursing….And finally when everyone is back home lying on their beds tired & sleepy, there’s one thought going on in each ones mind -” Those guys might be totally crazy, but they are truly awesome!” :-)……..
DEDICATED TO MY FRIENDS -Levin, Sudeep, Kevin, Rohit Anil & Sunny
1)A special thanks to TANG for his guest appearance.
2)If I’ve hurt anyones feelings, it was intentional
3)Coming soon -Catwoman saga & Pimpry ban gaya gentleman.



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