CATWOMEN-Rescuing The Prophet! Part 2

Proceed further only if you have read PART-1

They sped off to his hideout which was in Melkar in Panemangalore. Shovita was at the wheel. Meanwhile Nishita sat in the passenger seat adjusting her make up using the mirror as usual.She believed in looking the best even in the worst of situations!Suddenly her phone rang, they both froze.They thought that it was Gundamani to make fresh demands. But they were wrong…The call was from Vodafone asking her if she wanted to activate the song “Oh Little Flower” from the superhit movie Quickgun Murugun as her caller tune.Since Nishita had seen the movie 1st day 1st show & also coz she didn’t want the recorded Vodafone voice to feel bad she activated the caller tune. Shovita began singing “beeghe hont tere”  to herself.

What the hell are you singing at this time” screamed Nishita

What to do I’m bored & we still have half an hour to reach the place so just doing some time pass” said Shovita

My husband, the love of my life is in danger & you’re singing.Just focus on the job at hand” ordered Nishita

Her phone rang once again.This time it was obvious that it was Gundamani coz she had saved his number along with his smiling photo (Don’t ask why she had clicked his pic)

Gundamani -“What a stupid caller tune you put

Nishita- “Shut up …why did you call?”

I think you don’t want him, are you planning on coming or not?” Gundamani barked on the phone

We are on the way Gundamani, we cant help the fact that your hideout is so far from the city
she said

Gundamani -“What the hell are you talking about,Im in Goldfinch, 5th floor room no 512

We’ll be there in 10 mins,you better not touch my husband” she said disconnecting the call

She asked Shovita to speed up.She did …but unfortunately they hit a light pole.Being a superwoman doesn’t make you a better driver. A policeman came onto the scene.He was the new  guy in town ,Pradyumna who was known as Pimpry Ponnappa in the city for reasons unkown .He was known to be a tough cop

So ladies having a joy ride? And why are you’ll dressed up like that” asked Officer Pimpry grumpliy

Sir we are really sorry, we are Catwomen on a mission please let us go” pleaded the Catwomen

Officer Pimpry-“I don’t care which animal you are fond of but rules are rules, show me your DL & RC

Now both had no clue as to what those meant.Nishita looked into the dash hoping for something to pop out saying “Hi Im your RC”. All she found was a book which was actually the user manual of the car stereo. Shovita told her that most probably it must be the RC.She handed it over to Officer Pimpry .

Nishita :”I think this is what you wanted officer

Officer Ponnappa fumed :” Why the hell would I want your car stereo manual.”

Officer Pimpry assumed that they were playing the fool with him.So he filed a case against them & had their car towed.So now that they didn’t have a car with them they began running to Goldfinch.15 seconds later they were totally tired & so decided to travel by an auto.They caught an auto & finally reached the spot. 2 superwomen dressed weirdly arriving at Goldfinch in an auto was an irony but then what can one say as it was an emergency afterall. Now that they were finally at their destination they began planning their next move

Nishita -“He’s on the 5th floor, we need to hurry & get there

Shovita -“Yeah these walls will be difficult to climb, lets drink a li’l of the Mocha Metacin so that we can get enough energy

So they quickly gulped down the Mocha Metacin. They felt rejuvenated, after all its ingredients were  from the jungles in Pilikula & it took a lotta time to prepare it though they didn’t know that the same thing was available in Coffee Day as Iced Tea. They began their climb, it wasn’t easy at all but with family on the line & li’l help from the magic drink they finally reached the 5th floor after 2 hours.Why they climbed the walls when the elevator was perfectly fine nobody knows.But they are superhero’s & you never question a superhero/superheroine .They reached the room no 512 & broke the door & entered.There they saw the Australia return Gundamani sitting on a large sofa with Prophet sitting on the floor all tied up.Tears rolled down Nishita’s beautiful mask covered face seeing him like that(We need some emotional scenes too in the story you know).They also saw Gundamani’s hot & sexy girlfriend Sitamma sitting next to him on the sofa

Gundamani -“ What the F$#!, cant you knock, simply you broke the door no, now I have to pay fine

Nishita -“ Shut up Gundamani, release my husband

Gundamani  -“ Have patience , have patience my girl. You’ve made me suffer so much over the years, now its my chance for revenge & so Ill take my time. Now first both of you dance for me.

WHAT?” screamed both the Catwomen in unison shocked.

Gundamani -“ Yes dance, this is the punishment for you for the 10 rupees chota recharge that you did for me,how cheap of you, you should have some standard

We recharged according to what your standard is” Shovita said angrily

This really upset Gundamani. He suddenly took out a knife bought it close to Prophet, the Catwomen shivered with fright fearing his next move.Gundamani caught hold of Prophets hair & to chop it all off.Yes Gundamani had weird ways of torturing people.Though Nishita liked the idea of a free hair cut for her husband she decided that they should dance & so both she & Shovita began dancing to the song “Dola re dola re” from Devdas.They danced so well that Madhuri & Ash would feel ashamed.After half an hour of non stop dancing Gundamani said that he wanted something different.Shovita said that she’ll do some Kuchipudi & began doing it with all the delicate facial expressions & hip movements.She had learnt all this coz she was living alone in Blueberry hills.Nishita had had enough of the nonsense

Nishita- “TNJ… enough of the rubbish I’ve had enough

Gundamani- “ Whats TNJ? And you better do it or else…….

Suddenly Nishita took out her purse.Gundamani thought that she’s taking out a gun & stood up with his nail cutter .But instead she took out a 100 rupee note & gave it to him.

Gundamani confused  -“ What is this?

Nishita -“I just realized that this fellow is not worth all the trouble so you only keep him & that money is for you to look after him

Gundamani- “ Hey no no you cant do that & with 100rs what Ill look after him

Nishita -“ That’s your problem, we are goin

Gundamani- “ Hey no no please ya, take him no, I don’t want the money, you take him

Nishita -“NO!

Gundamani- “Hey please ah, tekondu hogu I beg of you

This went on for sometime with both parties not agreeing to take Prophet with them.Shovita meanwhile was still dancing her kuchipudi totally unaware of whats going on.Finally like every hindi movie villain who always has a trick up his sleeve Gundamani suddenly smiled.

Gundamani -“ You don’t want him right? Then I guess you don’t want these too” he said opening the door of the other room.There tied up all together were Nishita’s children & Ryan. Gundamani had pulled off the ultimate trick.He laughed his evil laugh “huhuhusccooobbyy doo huhuhu” for 10 mins.Shovita finally stopped dancing.Both she & Nishita  had tears in their eyes(Like in K3G its all about loving your parents).Gundamani loved playing games

He said with a evil grin “ Ill give you an option.Either take the kids or take Prophet & Ryan huhuhuhu scooohuhu

Li’l Ching Wang Loo –“Mummy chang si su na koi pu lali

kokum ku lung fung schezwan” Nishita said lovingly.

Li’l Ching Wang loo-“ Mummy Chop suey hara bara bombastic manchow

It was such an touching moment watching the mother & son talk to each other.If you are wondering how a 2 year old could speak such good Chinese then you are putting too much thought into this story

Ryan- “ Nishita you take the kids, Im not important

Ok I take the kids” she said to Gundamani

Ryan-” Noooooo I don’t know why I said that, take me take me pleaaasee…I don’t wanna die so young,give him my wife instead

This is supposed to be an action story so the readers would feel cheated if there wasn’t some action.So both the Catwomen suddenly sprang to life.Shovita jumped 2 sofas & caught hold of Sitamma & slapped her twice for no apparent reason.Poor Sitamma  ran away totally terrified.Nishita jumped high in the air & flew straight towards Gundamani aiming her foot on his face, she missed him & hit Prophet instead who fell unconscious.She managed to hit Gundamani on the 2nd try.Shovita ran towards the kids & freed them &  took them out.Meanwhile the battle between Nishita & Gundamani was still on.Nishita threw a chair at Gundamani & since her aim was bad Gundamani himself ran towards the chair so that it would hit him.Gundamani found a Chocolate bar & threw it hard aiming it at nishita’s throat to cut off her oxygen supply.She caught it & ate it as she hadn’t eaten anything since morning.

Time please time please “ said Nishita totally breathless after 20 mins

Gundamani-” What happened ?

Nishita -“Nothing.My mascara smudged, I want to adjust it, where’s the mirror?

Gundmani “Oh ok.2nd room from the left.The eyeliner is in the drawer

Nishita hurried to the mirror, put on a fresh coat of mascara.She came back & they resumed their fight.After 10 minutes both were exhausted.The kids were safe so the Catwomen decided to leave.Gundamani didn’t have the energy to fight any longer too

Gundamani-“Hey what about these two” he said pointing at Ryan & Prophet

Keep them” said the Catwomen & left leaving behind 3 very confused guys.Nishita was overjoyed to have her kids back.”Mummy mummy we want ice cream” they said.She carried them both one in each hand & all the 4 of them went to the ice cream parlour next to their apartment who’s owner was a Chinese by name Chang Wang Mutthappa.Obviously they lived happily ever after.

MORAL- Girls always somehow ditch the guys.

P.S-1)However nonsense my stories are they always have a moral.

2)I thank the lead characters Nishita , Shovita & Kevin for all the hard work & training that they put into this.without them it wouldn’t have been possible

3)A special thanks to Pradyumna(Pimpry ponnappa) for his guest appearance.His charm & Charisma & computer screen presence always adds the extra bit to the story

4)To all the readers- If u think that my writing is not up to the mark then go find some other writer.


  1. haha.. firstly.. little flower part and beege hont tere was nice..

    pimpry part and chinese was nice.. i would not have asked for a dola re dola dance.. i would have opted for something better and hot.. hehe..

    catwomen do not have the power of flying? why did they go walking and also took 2 hours to climb the wall..:)

    dramatic ending.. hindi movie style truly.. awesome stories..

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