Pattern of Life

Life is all about symmetry, a set pattern. Our houses need to have the perfect symmetry. The clothes that we wear need to have a certain pattern. Our cars must have that evenness about them. We don’t realise it but we even judge the looks of others based on symmetry. Randomness is a source of chaos and nobody wants disorder.

Our lives follow a definite pattern. I call it the pattern of life. Birth – Education – Career – Marriage – Kids – DeathStudy and complete your graduation/post-graduation or else you will be unemployed we are often reminded. Choose a safe career. Don’t waste time on sports/ photography/ adventure etc. Because life is not a joke. Get married (at the right age) and have kids (preferably two) or else the society will talk about you.  We are forever bound by this pattern of life set for us by somebody else.

We follow certain patterns in our daily lives too. We wake up in the morning, finish our rituals, set out for work at a particular time, eat at a particular time, sleep at a particular time. If you are Sheldon Cooper, you even sit at the same spot every day. When this pattern gets disturbed we tend to get exasperated. If the bus reaches a little late or we are stuck in traffic we get deeply disturbed and many a times abusive. If the food that we order at a restaurant takes time to arrive we are ready to tear the place down. Starters – Main course – Dessert. Do Not disturb the sequence.

But what we don’t realise is that the ones who refuse to stick to the pattern of life often achieve as much greatness if not more than the ones who do. They want to do something different or sometimes the circumstances force it upon them. They drop out of college with a purpose in mind unlike the ones who do it because they are not up to it. Often, they are immediately shunned as losers by others. But they aren’t because they begin start-ups, they join NGO’s, they enter the film industry, they get into choreography. Many of them end up getting unimaginable fame and fortune. Some may decide to forego the whole concept of marriage and concentrate on their careers. Others might give up their careers just to concentrate on bringing up their children.

Often, we tend to judge others based on the pattern of life which has been forced upon us over generations. Your life is yours to live. Don’t base it on what others want you to do. Work hard, study hard but spend time with your family too. Make time for yourself so that you can achieve your dreams, not the ones others think you should achieve. Take everyone’s advice but listen to your heart and follow your brain. The pattern of life is not a rule but just a blueprint which can be changed anytime. EAT, SLEEP (STUDY/WORKOUT/DANCE/SING) REPEAT – This original Fatboy Slim song can be the pattern that you choose to define your life with.


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  1. Yes ….. i agree with your insights about life patterns. And I love to break these patterns in my life for my happiness. great take on the given prompt. Happy to join with you for #writetribeprobloggerchallenge!!!

  2. Loved your thoughts about the breaking the rigid patterns which have been set by others and we blindly follow. Follow then if you may but those who choose to take a different path- don’t judge them. Glad to connect with you in this challenge ( I realised we both belong to Mangalore and studied at St. aloysius, I did my BCom from 2003-05. Don’t recall knowing you but I could see a lot of common friends. What a small world this is! )

  3. A very well written post indeed. It is so important to break away from the pattern and stop leading such robotic lives. One life, and we need to make the best that comes our way, not stuck in the rut.
    I hear the bit about dropping out of college. Some very famous people did and today they make some great entrepreneurs, business men, actors etc.

  4. Lovely read Ryan! Liked the Sheldon analogy and the fact that you talked about people who break the usual life pattern. I too get awed by such people who break the pattern and do something for the society at large…

  5. Loved your post. “The pattern of life is not a rule but just a blueprint which can be changed anytime.” this make so much sense and should be a life mantra 🙂

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