Memories are a double-edged sword. They say that one must never dwell in the past but the truth is that we spend most of our time creating perfect situations out of imperfect moments from the past in our minds. While some memories bring joy, others cause us deep hurt. Sometimes happy memories bring tears of joy when we look back at them. I spend most of my time in the hustle bustle of a medical college or operation theatre or family life. But when I do get some time for myself I often end up reminiscing about school and college days. Those days will never come back and as Bryan Adams said those were the best days of my life.

I don’t consider myself a good writer. I am very honest about it. When I read other blogs or articles, I am amazed and in awe of them and I often wish I could write like that. But whether I am good or not, I absolutely love writing. It all goes back probably to the very first time I tried my hand at writing in class IX. Up and until then I was never interested in the whole concept of writing. The only writing I knew was the one we did during exams and that was of the worst kind. I loved reading though. Back then I used to read The Secret Seven, The Famous Five, The 3 Investigators, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, etc. So, the interest in reading was always there but never for writing.

If it wasn’t for one particular summer camp, I don’t think I would’ve ever discovered the art of writing. It was a summer camp I attended in class IX. If I remember right it was over a period of one week where high school students of different schools in and around our area attended. It was organized by the Times of India group and it was probably the best summer camp I ever attended. Every day was an adventure with action packed activities aimed at stimulating both individual and group dynamics and all of us eagerly waited for each day to begin.

Since it was a camp organized Times of India, one of the activities on the fourth or the fifth day was that of story writing. We were all asked to assemble in the auditorium and were told that we would all have to write a story that day. It could be fiction or real life. But it was compulsory. We, in the boys’ team were not happy about it, as at that time we felt that this activity was sissy. But it was enforced upon us and so we had to do it. And so, I began writing my first ever story. I vaguely remember the gist of what I had written. I was the School Pupil Leader at that time and I had written a fictional story about the whole process of election, campaigning and victory in the end. I made myself look like an underdog who overcame my fear of public speaking to win the elections by delivering a grand speech on election day. Sounds a little silly now but at the time it was akin to becoming the PM of the country. We weren’t told that it was a competition. Just another activity to keep our minds lively.

The story was well and truly forgotten the moment it was submitted to the camp guide. On the last day, all the parents of the participants were invited and there was a small cultural programme organized to show the parents what their wards were up to in the past week. During the prize distribution ceremony, an announcement was made that there was a surprise competition for which prizes would be distributed. It was none other than the story writing one. I still remember the words of the host “The stories written by these class IX kids really surprised us by how good the content was. The top 3 stories could be printed in any magazine. They were that good.”  Now when I think back to it, she probably said that just to make us all feel good about ourselves. But at that moment I felt like I was on top of the world because I ended up winning the first place to my utter disbelief. I was also a little embarrassed that I won a prize for something we guys called sissy. But those words by the MC have always remained with me even as I keep writing to this day.

That was my foray into the world of writing and then into blogging. It’s amazing how small acts of encouragement end up making a world of difference in your life. I am sure many of you reading this would have experienced moments like these. Little acts of encouragement go a long way in shaping up young minds.

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  1. That was your Eureka moment as a writer- for me I discovered writing quite late in life, after the birth of my daughter. My first post was her birth story. I always wish I had discovered this earlier – I had ample time at my hands which I could have used fruitfully, now its a struggle to get time to write.

    1. I agree with you, these days it’s s real struggle to find time to write. Even if you started late you probably posted the most auspicious post as your first one!

  2. I’m glad that you turned to writing after the encouragement you received. Most writers do have a story like that which got them to write regularly. However, keeping up the consistency of being regular at writing is sometimes a challenge. I hope you are able to overcome it. I love the way you express yourself.

  3. From this post, I can imagine what a turning point it must have been for you. Your article reflects such pure and honest emotions that the readers naturally get hooked on to your piece of writing.

  4. Small steps lead to bigger achivements. All the Best. You made me feel nostalgic by sharing the names of the book Famous Five and all were my favorites.

  5. Ryan I can relate to your blog so much. I was never very confident and I still struggle a lot. But there have been people in my life whose encouragement has changed my life for good.

  6. Your writing is very good. I’m glad that your interest was sparked when it was, and nurtured, and that you’ve stuck with it. It’s an important skill but also a creative outlet that doesn’t require a studio, a mess, or anything but your own life, your mind, and a little skill with language. 🙂

  7. Hi Ryan! This is my first time on your blog. I must say that your post was very engaging and honest. A lot of guys feel writing is ´sissy´, some find even reading to be ´sissy´…and no So, it was really nice to read your take on how you went from not liking writing to now, discovering that you enjoy it. The TOI summer camp incident, the recollection back to your school and college days was relatable. Keep are an engaging writer. Cheers!

  8. Why do you feel you don’t write well? I like reading what you write. It is straight from the heart and one can relate to it. I too started writing around the 7th standard but had the guts to publish my poems only a couple of years ago. Do keep writing, I look forward to reading your posts.

  9. This is my second post of your blog post and I am pretty sure that you write well. The honesty of your writing is the reason people love your write ups. I believe that somewhere in the corner of our heart we all think that we aren’t as good as other are but isn’t that the best way to keep us on a track. Lets write more and create more fabulous pieces of writing…Oh, and i love the story of winning the writing competition…reminds me of something on the similar grounds 🙂

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