The Response!

Let me start by apologizing to anyone whose sentiments I may have unknowingly hurt by submitting a mediocre topic for the 38th edition of Indispire, an initiative of Indiblogger.

Indispire from what I understand was launched by Indiblogger to serve two purposes. The first one being to encourage all bloggers to come up with different ideas, concepts & scenarios of their choice, which if selected by others would be highlighted for a week. The second one being to stimulate bloggers with these ideas & overcome the dreaded Writers Block that one suffers so often!

Let’s be honest. All of us want our page views to increase, we all want our posts to be read by others, commented upon & discussed by others. We may not actually take the trouble to go through someone else’s blog we expect others to go through ours. If we say we don’t want all this we might as well write our diaries at home & hide it somewhere in our cupboards. Indispire gave us that chance to submit our ideas, which if voted by others would make us ‘sort of celebrities’ for a week because everyone would be curious to know more about the blogger whose idea was selected which meant more page views & more reads. What is selected depends entirely on fellow bloggers so you cant complain about anyone being partial.

Everyone has ideas & they should be given a chance to express them & that is exactly what indispire has given us, an opportunity. No prizes, no coupons…..Just the joy of writing as well as reading. Sometimes I submit topic ideas not because I want to write about them but I would rather want to know what other bloggers would write about the issue or topic. For example when I submitted the topic Chetan Bhagat topic(Click here) I never submitted a post on it because I just wanted to read what others had written. Infact I had posted the same topic sometime back but it wasn’t voted for but when I visited the Indiblogger forum, I saw that someone had asked for it to be posted again(Click here), and I did, and it was selected! I’m sure just like this many of you submit ideas just for the joy of reading what others have written & the thrill of putting your own thoughts together for everyone to read.

According to me, indiblogger should continue this great initiative just the way it is. Yes indiblogger can stop the voting process & select the best topic themselves but then what’s to say that it would stop people from complaining that their ideas weren’t being selected just because the guys at Indiblogger are partial? Haven’t we seen that happen all the time post results of the Indi Contests?

Lastly I would request all our fellow bloggers to respect the ideas submitted by everyone. Yes some of you may be frustrated that the ideas submitted by you week after week are being rejected by fellow bloggers because they probably think that your ideas are mediocre but that doesn’t mean that you belittle the ones that do get selected. Because that would mean that you are not only insulting the person who submitted the idea but also the ones who voted for it, not to forget the ones who submitted posts for the topic. Even if a topic has just one post, it means that someone has liked it & taken the trouble to write about it. Everyone can’t write about every topic so if you are not capable to write on a topic selected by all, then the fault lies in you, not others. Inspire on Indispire!


  1. Totally agree with your views, Ryan.
    Very nicely presented.
    I had some suggestions for IndiSpire that I stated on the Forum viz. Bloggers who submit topic-ideas ought to post for the same. I feel that’s the responsibility of the idea-proponent as others wait for our post as they wish to know what we feel. Also, Bloggers who Vote for an idea should submit their posts. But, again that’s my perspective! There are no such hard & fast rules for IndiSpire 🙂
    I feel IndiSpire is a great initiative by IB.

    1. Thank you Anita 🙂
      Yeah your suggestions are right. Only problem is that we might vote for a topic this week but end up being busy the next when the topic comes up. So it might not always be possible for the voter to post.
      But I agree that the blogger who posts the topic should put up a post, a mistake that I made last time 🙂

  2. Hi Ryan, just come across this post, and it speaks my mind. Just yesterday, I wrote this monologue on IndiTalk about ‘What’s wrong with the Chetan Bhagat topic’. I am not a Chetan Bhagat fan, my concern is objectivity. Plus, who decides what idea is smart and what idea is stupid.

    The last paragraph sums it all up. Perfect.

  3. I thought edition 39 was extremely humiliating as well as condescending to scores of bloggers who have simple, yet effective questions. And I so agree with what you have written here. Good one!!!

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