India vs Pakistan on Twitter!

India vs Pakistan matches have always been an intense affair, be it the  hard fought matches on the field or the politics off the field. The most intense of the matches were probably the one’s played in the deserts of Sharjah. The matches these days between the 2 countries though played with the same passion lack the intensity of the matches yesteryear. Nobody can forget the famous Javed Miandad jumping up and down at the batting crease to poke fun at our wicket keeper Kiran More or the Aamir Sohail-Venkatesh Prasad incident of the 96 world cup. The latter still gives every Indian goosebumps! Nowadays the competition is fierce just because of the rarity of the event due to India’s stand not to play Pakistan in any bilateral series.

To add to the hostile atmosphere, there’s always been the passionate crowds in the stands. ”Jeethega bhai jeethega India/Pakistan jeethega” reverberates in every stadium in a match between these 2 countries. But for those who can’t be at the stadium, they can now show their support virtually on Twitter! Not only do these Twitter celebs battle it out with their Pakistani counterparts online, they are amazingly witty too, so much so that these days you can’t watch a match without periodically checking your twitter line to check everything that is being said! Every catch dropped, every boundary scored, every bowler leaking runs, every umpiring blunder, every mannerism of the player is dissected to the very last fiber. This match was no different and for a change was more fierce online than on the pitch. Hastags like #CWC15, #IndvsPak, #IndWins were trending throughout the day. So here’s how the match went on Twitter.

Long before the match started the guys on twitter had been sharpening their knives. Everyone knows about the 5-0 unbeaten streak India had maintained until now in the 50 overs World Cup & the overall 9-0 streak in World Cups including the T20 format. And @coolfunnytshirt made it a point to remind every Indian & Pakistani about the same well before the match!

Though we Indian cricket fans always try and show a brave face, deep inside we are always afraid for our team failing, more so this time since our team looked so fragile in the last 2 months in Australia. @rameshsrivats probably tweeted the mood of the nation before the nation and I found it so apt!

No India Pakistan match is complete without @Trendulkar , the man who bombarded Pakistan in the last world cup with his tweets so much so that he has turned into a legend himself just like the great man. As the 2 captains strode out to the centre for one of the most crucial tosses in the tournament, whole of India held its breath. Thankfully MSD called it right once again. @Trendulkar fired his first salvo

It was a pressure game. India loves chasing(something they were so terrible at earlier) But Dhoni decided to take the pressure off his batsmen and transfer it to the Pakistani batting line up instead. He chose to bat first and as Ravi Shastri would say “Put the runs on the board”. Chasing in a pressure game ain’t easy however small the target maybe. But @Hardism thought that the actual reason for Dhoni choosing to bat that was something else.

There was no Sachin- Sehwag opening pair at the top for India but what we had was the TALENTED Rohit Sharma and the fragile Shikhar Dhawan. They were faced with a lamp pole for a bowler in Mohammed Irfan who at 7 and half feet prompted @icouchtomato to ask this

Like I said, every moment of the match is dissected and joked about during a match. An Akmal brother dropping a catch is nothing new but @Coolfunnytshirt wasn’t going to let him off easily. Another catch dropped prompted @RameshSrivats to come out with one of his famous wordplays!

The match was a big one. Star Sports took the BIG literally and requested  Big B to make his commentary debut and join the hindi commentary team. Now we all know how much Arun Lal’s and Shoaib Akhthar’s commentary is joked about but this tweet from @cricketsagar had me giggling no end!

The match was all but gone from the Pakistan except for that man Misbah ul Haq for whom I have immense respect. I think he’s a great cricketer and a terrific human being. A Pakistani fan @KIYXNI ,summed up their mood and their thoughts about Misbah with this tweet

Finally after 2 months of disappointing the Indian fans in Australia without winning a single match, our team won a international match against their arch rivals Pakistan. @_fakeiplplayer of the IPL fame summed it up with this tweet of his. His wit masking the truth of what a tough tour it has been for India thus far!

After winning a match, the post match presentation ceremony is something the winning team always looks forward to. And if you have Rameez Raja hosting it, you can always count on him to commit a blunder just like Robin Jackman. And that one blunder resonated on twitter all day. Don’t know what it was? Well @Mohank ‘s tweet will tell you what it was!

And can any match end without Indians poking fun at the Pakistani players speaking English(Though this is one of the things I’m not particularly a fan of) @Sagarcasm who is one of my favorite twitter celebs, goads Misbah with this witty tweet!

We have always seen post match celebrations on TV, but now you get instant images on twitter to. The one that touched me most was this one by @ANI_news where our jawans (our real heroes) are celebrating India’s fantastic win over the Pakistanis

Yes we won against Pakistan. For some, that is all they need. Many don’t care about the rest of world cup campaign. But @Mohanstatsman reminded everyone that 6-0 against Pakistan is intact BUT we have 0-3 losing record against South Africa which we have to set right in the very next match.

And finally how can I not end this piece with our very own Sachin Tendulkar’s tweet? Sachin…. You have been winning us world cup matches since 1992 and your fans haven’t forgotten that fact! And that answers your question in the tweet!

I know I have missed a whole lotta tweets on the match. But these are the ones I liked the most and the ones I follow. If you would like to point out some witty ones that I missed please do mention them here.


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