What You Cant Say No To!


The “Daily Post” Challenge for today is WHAT YOU CANT SAY NO TO… Well the problem for me is not saying no, its the saying YES thats more of an issue.

Things that I cant seem to say YES to-

1) Wake up early in the morning– I guess the one who came up with the “Early to bed, early to rise…” needs to have a good one on one talk with me.

2) Exercise– Just the thought of all the pain & sweat & tears makes me go “Early to bed & rise as late as possible

3) Studying– What a bore though I must admit that this has kept away from pills, coz who needs sleeping pills, drugs when just the sight of a book can put you to sleep 😀

4) Veg Food – Pffftt… Why just stick to vegetables? Might as well eat the plastic bags, couch covers, paper wrappers

5) Turning The Other Cheek – How can you even think of telling someone who has backstabbed you “Its ok mate, my front’s all yours too”

6) Forgive & Forget – Oooooh. This will have many of you shaking your heads sadly. Yeah I cant say YES to this. Coz a glass once cracked cant be fixed, you have to replace it!

7) Young Healthy Beggars– Im not giving you my money just coz you’re too lazy to work for it.

8 )Watching Golf– Surely that cant be a sport! Toddlers hit the ball wherever they want to & they are amusing to watch too!

9) Animated Movies – Sorry not my animated cup of tea.

10)Blogger– Sorry guys, I have WORDPRESS! ha ha

P.S- Im glad that Im not the one bugging Classyrose today…Or Am I 😀 Yes/No

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Disclaimer- All the views posted in this blog are mainly fictional & tuned to keep the posts readable


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