What is your state of mind today?

I woke up this morning feeling utterly miserable. Frankly speaking I don’t even know why. It all starts with some small issue that gets to you & before you even know it you feel that the whole world is against you. Some call it “being moody.” To some around you it may seem to be arrogance. Sometimes I wonder whether its just me or do even others have similar ups & downs in their minds. These are the days where anything & everything seems to irritate you for no apparent reason.

And its during those “moody” days where one loathes meeting happy people. Those people who seem perky & those who seem absolutely happy with their lives. They seem to have the biggest grins on their faces & to you they seem to be laughing at your pitiful state. Probably the worst thing one can do when one is “not in the mood” is to open Facebook! Coz it is one place where everyone seems always happy! And why not, nobody wants to put up pictures of themselves crying or sick.

But then there are days when you seem to be so happy that you yourself hate people who seem to be miserable. How often have you looked at someone & said “Whats the matter with him, he seems like he’s carrying all the problems of the world on his shoulders.” These are the days where nothing can get you down. And sometimes you don’t even know why you are so happy.

As I think about all this, still in my worst mood & still irritated about everything around me one of the senior professors who was just passing by me says “Hi Ryan, you look bright & sunny for a Monday morning!” And that’s when you wonder….. Who is actually happy & who is really sad around you?

Or is it all just a perception. As they say – Perception drives Reality!



  1. Its not just you , I often wakeup feeling miserable and by the end of the day i am ready to kill someone. I call them mood swings, it passes away with time, something one shouldn’t worry about 🙂

  2. Happens with everyone, Ryan 🙂
    There’s a saying-
    “If you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. If you cry, you cry alone…”
    I feel we should try to be happy. Surrounding ourselves with positive people helps!
    Keep smiling & be happy 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by at my Blog & sharing such nice words 🙂

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