What Do You See???

Its raining outside. The roll of thunder, the flash of lightning, it seems like the Gods are at war with each other. And well, if there’s only one God then he must be mighty angry to make so much noise! I sit by the window with a cup of hot steaming coffee , hoping that Im not the cause of Gods anger & also thanking my luck that Im all cozy & comfy inside when its pouring Scoobies & Toms outside ( I use the names of only the most famous cats & dogs )

I try to look outside through the glass but it just isn’t possible coz all I see is the li’l drops gliding across the window pane & distorting the rainy picture outside. The tree looks like a glob of green, the moving worm is actually a car, the red traffic light seems to have broken into a thousand red spots splattered all over the glass. It all seems so unreal…

And then you wonder, isn’t life exactly like this? You see everyone through a watery film choosing to look for what you want rather than what it actually is. One craves for life to be exactly how one wants it to be & people to be like how one wants them to be. And when its not like this then you hear stuff like “Life isn’t fair” & “Men are dogs & women are bitches”. The guy wearing oversize jeans with rajor sharp pointy hair is a freak coz that’s what freaks are supposed to look like in your head. The woman crossing the street with her head held high is a bitch with an attitude coz according to you normal people should walk like they have a gun pointed to their head. The beggar across the street is the most useless person on earth coz if wasn’t he would be working instead of begging right?

So its all according to one’s own perception. So in the end is there actually something that’s good & bad or right & wrong …. Or is it just what You &  Me see?


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