Weekly Photo Voting! “Curiosity”


Ok so my 1st experiment with the “Weekly Photo Voting” didnt exactly set the world or rather the bloggers on fire coz the voting process seems to be going on at a snails pace. The voting process is in its closing stages. You can still vote for it at “Weekly Photo Voting- Boundaries” .So I thought that I’d give one final try with the “Weekly Photo Voting” for CURIOSITY, the next theme.This was ofcourse the 2nd theme of “The Post a Week”. . Needless to say, the entries for this one were even better than for “Boundaries” coz the users seemed to know better about the challenge. So we’ll try with this one, if it works, it works. If not atleast we’ll know who were the best two for both the challenges 🙂 Check in at @ryan2484

The voting process would be the same as the last one. You have 1 week to caste your votes. And the nominees are-

1) Its a Small world after all!


2) This is a truly curious pic of a dog & a cat. Wonder what they are thinking?


3) I guess he’s telling Mark Zuckerberg that his friends dont seem to be on Fb


4) Is he one of us?


5) “Whats the matter with dis guy?”


6) Damn! Im one hot looking dude!


7) How the hell do I get in there?


8 )I seem to be everywhere!


9) What am i looking for?


10) A lot of curiosity



15 Comments on "Weekly Photo Voting! “Curiosity”"

  1. oh nice to see I’m listed:))

  2. Thanks for including me!

  3. Hey Ryan, Where do you find all of the photos doing the weekly photo challenge?

  4. thanks for adding me in your list 🙂

  5. Thanks for adding my picture Ryan!!!

  6. I’m truly flattered to be included. Thanks.

  7. Wow, what an honour to be listed in this poll. You have chosen some nice photos. I really like the one by pigletinportugal.

  8. Very cool! Do people have to enter? Or you just search the photo challenge tag?

  9. Great choice on the photos Ryan. Just cast my vote.

    I added a comment to today’s photo challenge topic asking people to visit and vote for “Boundaries”. Will do the same for Curiosity soon. 🙂

  10. This is really cool, thanks for the great collection of photos ~ I voted for my favorite. :o)

    I’m participating in this challenge too, at http://mrshutchison.wordpress.com/. I love to see how everyone interprets the weekly theme.

  11. Thanks for adding my picture again – I really enjoy the weekly challenge

  12. of course I made my VOTE!
    you had a good idea!
    maybe you will suffer a kind of duty,
    to make polls for the other photo competitions too..
    today I joined the weekly photo challenge no. 5 – shadow …

  13. I voted and I would also like to get an opinion on my submission for the photo challenge: curiosity, here:
    Curiosity… thanks 🙂

  14. oh I should have missed this one. My curiosity challenge was a bit fun tho 🙂 http://suvesabun.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/curio-city-weekly-photo-challenge-curiosity/

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