The Fishing Trip- Remembering that day :-)

This was a blog that I had written on my other blog site abt 3 yrs back,on September 22nd 07 to be precise.It was infact one of the 1st things I had ever written so I thought that i would re live it once more 🙂 Here goes

Sunday!!!A day to relax… Some like to just take a walk, some of us just prefer to sit & relax, some sleep, & some just watch TV. Afterall you’ve had a long week & a sunday is a welcome break. Having said that there are also some who go fishing! Coz its relaxing? Fun? I dunno. I’m no fisherman! And it wasn’t my idea…well if you’ve been reading this space I don’t need to tell you whose idea it was. You’ll know by now.

Anyways it was not him but his bro who came up with the plan this time (runs in the family).Now what do you say to someone who msgs you at 9 on a Sunday morning asking ” dude are you in the mood for fishing”…Yeah right!! Like I get up in the morning & think “Today I need to catch some fish” And how do you actually get into the fishing mood? Do you look at fishes? Smell maybe? Or just go and watch the ANIMAL PLANET or something? Well if you are trying to solve all these questions then you need to get a life coz I jus said “Yes” when he asked me if I wanted to come…Why? Well “HAVE YOU TRIED FISHING?” No right? That’s why!

So I reached Levin’s place at about 11 & I see that we or rather he’s fully prepared. He had the fishing rods, clips, the bait etc in one hand & a Gunda in the other. So I see that we have a team of fishermen now. Levin’s bro who was the boss (BIG FISH) for the day, Levin, Gunda(Kevin) , Noel & yours truly. Now with Levin’s bro you can never say whether he’s excited or anything coz he hardly shows any emotion, especially when he’s with us, Levin is hyper whenever we try something new somewhat like me, Gunda was worried that he didn’t know swimming & kept saying to himself “I will not fall in into the water” over & over again coz he knew that if he did, none of us would bother to try n rescue him & Noel ….well Noel, he seemed least bothered. He was more worried about carrying water bottles & an umbrella. For some reason he believed that he was gonna die of thirst at the beach (That itself shows how much experience he has ).

Anyways we finally set off to our destination. You could feel the excitement in the car…Well not really. Everyone already seemed to be missing their Sunday routine I guess. Anyways we reached & set off in search of a nice spot with our “fishing gear”(sounds cool to say it now)… A “nice spot” has nothing to do with the fishes. Its  one where the guys wont slip off & fall into the water coz only Colin (Levin’s bro)& I know how to swim. So we found the spot… & we got to work. Levin seemed very disappointed coz he thought that we were gonna be fishing on a boat. Levin…dude to go on a boat we first need to have a boat!!! Did you think that a boat would pop out from nowhere? Colin immediately got down to business setting up the bait & stuff. Once he told me what exactly was to be done I got to work in all earnest. Afterall that’s what we came there for. Levin & Gunda too tried their best for sometime. Noel…well Noels philosophy in life seemed to be “ why bother when there are others to do the work” So he simply sat there with his umbrella open to shield him from the sun!!!(and ofcourse his dear water bottles)Talk about being outdoors!!! Anyways what happened for the next 2 & half hours is hard to explain. We changed d spots, we changed the styles, we changed the positions but the fishes just wouldn’t come. Whats worse is that we could all see them moving around right in front of us almost as if they were taunting us. Finally two of our brilliant brains got frustrated & decided to take matter into their own hands. Both of them(Gunda & Levin)decided to get into the water & try n somehow catch the fish without the rods!. What followed was stupidity for the next 20 mins. Both were stuck on the slippery rocks & that too in weird positions. And when I mean weird positions I mean WEIRD. You had to be there to know what I’m talking about. They were even attracting a crowd which was pretty embarrassing for the rest of us. They moved as if they just received a couple of lo blows. Gunda walks on solid ground with some difficulty so you can imagine what he was doing in water. The highpoint of stupidity came when he went in search of fish with a plastic in hand(he was planning on using it to catch the fish!), slipped & fell. It was hilarious…Poor Gunda actually thought that he was gonna drown in water which was 4 feet deep. Infact it was so hilarious that the fishes which were eluding us till then stopped around him to laugh & then disappeared again. He now knows exactly what the sea water tastes like! In between all this I felt a pull on the fishing rod & I knew that this was it!!! I managed to out smart the guys & catch something 1st. I pulled & the thing wouldnt budge. Oh yeah ….a really big one. Called Gunda for help & then finally realised that it was no big fish.Infact it wasnt even a small fish. It was just that the bait was stuck in between the rocks(Now you are happy Gunda?)All this while our boss Colin had quietly sneaked out to a safe distance & was watching all the fun.. He knew that his weekend was already a hit watching these bunch of losers fish. You could actually see him laugh wickedly in the background. I think he was pretending that he was not with us now that everyone was watching sliding Levin, drowning Gunda, clueless Ryan & Mr Umbrella boy.

After 2 & a half hours we finally realized that weren’t close enough to be good fishermen, infact someone was not close enough to be even called a man .We finally decided to call it a day . My sensitive skin was already burning from the sun. All of us were sad & dejected & made our way back to the car. Not really……we always knew that we weren’t gonna catch anything right form the beginning. Noel knew that he wasn’t even gonna try. The only person who was disappointed & ashamed was Gunda coz he had already told all the very few gals he knew that he would be fishing & that he wouldn’t come back without atleast one fish. We all know that it ain’t  gonna happen anymore ….So all the best to him. Levin will live to fish another day. Noel will live coz of the water & umbrella but no fishing for sure.Me ofcourse will definitely be there next time too. Whatever said & done it was truly a fun experience. Will definitely let you guys know how the next one goes coz there definitely is gonna be a next one, only if you are interested… Like you have a choice!!!…Take care

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