The Battle Of The Ages


The “Daily Post” Challenge for today is a good one & so I thought I would give it a try 😀

Ryan17 : Hi Im Ryan. Young, smart & talented. I think Im the best there was, the best there is & the best there will be! Who are you?
Ryan27 : Wow! Im Ryan too! And Im much smarter, more talented & wiser with age. And your right about the “best there will be” atleast sonny.
Ryan17 : Wiser with age is just a nice way of saying “Im old”. Ewwww your 27??? That’s like …old man! That’s like in the year 2011. I guess by then people will talk to each other online more than in person.
Ryan27 : Errr…. Your right about the online part actually. Oh and come on, 27 is not old! Im like the most eligible bachelor, you’re just a loser kid with an attitude problem.
Ryan17 : Who you calling loser, Im 17, I have all the time in the world ahead of me, unlike you. Chicks dig me
Ryan27 : Girls don’t “dig you”. They just find you cute, that’s all! Havent you heard that girls your age prefer guys my age?
Ryan17 : (angry) That’s true. They think being with old men like you makes them more matured & more in demand. Bah! That’s the only thing you have going for you so don’t be so happy about it. Don’t forget that I have 10 more years to do all the exploring I need.
Ryan27 : (Now angry) That’s true too. But I make money now. And girls love guys who can pay for them right? And what do you plan to do in those 10 years?
Ryan17 : Ok I don’t care about the girls, I have other things that make me better than you.
Ryan27 : Like what sonny?
Ryan17 : Like… I don’t use geeky words like “sonny”. I have so many things I still can do! So many adventures to see, so much to explore.
Ryan27 : I’ve done it all. Flying, skiing, snowboarding, girls, money…what else? Its not that big a thing. After sometime you get bored.
Ryan17 : I can become rich & successful. I know for sure that I can become the next Mark Zuckerberg when Im 27
Ryan27 : 1st of all Mark Zuckerberg was still dating his girlfriend when you’re 17 which makes the example redundant coz there is no Facebook yet for you! And even I made plans of being a millionaire when Im 27.
Ryan17 : Are You?
Ryan27 : Not even close.
Ryan17 : See you’re an even bigger loser than I thought. Im sure you didn’t have any planning, any goal, that’s why.
Ryan27 : I had all that. But then everyone cant be a Zuckerberg. There are other things which come in the way. Studies, work, responsibilities. Things that cant be fast forwarded. Luck only plays a small part in ones life & that too all are not blessed with good luck, there’s something called bad luck too!
Ryan17 : Now that’s a long boring lecture which only a 27 yr old could come up with.
Ryan27 : You might think that now but as you get older you’ll know better.
Ryan17 : Atleast I can run faster.
Ryan27 : I don’t need to, I have my car. I can also buy whatever I want.
Ryan17 : Yeah but you have a bigger waistline. I don’t have to sit in an office all day.
Ryan27 : Yeah but I don’t have to answer anyone.
Ryan17 : Yeah but you have to look after others, others look after me.
Ryan27 : I know to play golf.
Ryan17 : Yuck I don’t even wanna know how to play golf.Oh boy then am I lucky coz right now I have no responsibilities at all! No money problems or work problems. I can do whatever I want. But I do wanna grow up fast.
Ryan27 : That’s true. But then why you wanna grow up? Isnt it the best life? I wish I were a student again!
Ryan17 : Nah dude… There’s no freedom. I don’t have money of my own. Who wants to be stuck in this boring classroom. I wanna work. Explore. I wanna be the 27 yr old whom both the younger & older chicks wanna die to be with.
Ryan27 : Trust me boy, Ur much safer & happier in the classroom. Once you come out you’ll know the harsh reality of the world outside. Now you’re protected. Freedom is over rated. And yeah girls or rather chicks that you keep talking about. Those will happen when it has to happen. The more you catch a butterfly the more it runs away, but you sit still & it’ll come to you.
Ryan17 : Huh? Why are we talking about butterflies? Do people your age call chicks butterflies?
Ryan27 : Now that was a wasted example. Just forget the example & take the rest.
Ryan17 : Btw does Pamela Anderson still look as hot on the beach during your time.
Ryan27 : Not really, and now there are better ones too 😉
Ryan17 : Arent we supposed to argue the other way round, are you supposed to support your age & me mine?
Ryan27 : That’s the problem sonny, there’s no argument at all! Coz Im wiser so trust me when I say that “The grass is always greener on the other side”

Disclaimer : All the views posted above are fictional & do not reflect the authors or anyone elses views. Any resemblance to reality is purely a co-incidence


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