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Being Social

Year 2004 I got back home from college and ran straight to my desktop PC. I first switched on my CPU and then the monitor and logged in to my Orkut account via Internet Explorer. There was a new testimonial waiting for me there written by my friend Prashanth and I was excited to read it though I had been bugging him to write one for me since weeks! It would show on my Orkut profile page and everyone would view it. Satisfied with what he had to say about me I then went onto check if I had any…
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More than just a phone!

It was back in the year 2000 when I had my 1st tryst with internet. Back then “cyber centres” as we used to call them were a rage. There seemed to be one on every corner of the street & a money spinning machine. Students used to waste their pocket money mostly over nothing!I remember that there were 2 categories actually…an hour of games used to cost 40 bucks & an hour of internet used to cost 55 bucks. Whether you chose internet or games, the aim was to make use of every  minute of the hour so that it…
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Autorun virus!!!! Finally got rid of it!

Yeah man this virus really troubled me…..Im no computer expert & so it took me a helluva lot of research  to even find out that the name of the virus is “autorun.inf” & that it mainly spreads by the use of infected flash drives. Once I found it, I tried every possible method to get rid of it….and how? I went to google & typed “autorun.inf” , “autorun virus”, “how to get rid of autorun.inf”……lol BIG MISTAKE!!!!! There were so many suggestions like delete this, restart in safe mode, task manager…..Basically it was a whole lotta delete which in the…
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