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The Stairway To The Room

Well……. I clicked this picture for no apparent reason but when I saw  it for the first time what came to my mind were two very famous songs –‘Stairway to Heaven’ & ‘The Room At The Top Of The Stairs’. One is an all time favorite & the other is MY favorite. The stairs in the picture lead to my room. At the end of these stairs is neither heaven nor the room where all the “stuff” that happens in the song so its actually as useless as the picture. And if you want to get philosophical about it then…
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A Recipe for Disaster

This is an incident which happened about 7 years ago but it is one which we still talk about and have a laugh everytime we get together! It was somewhere in november when I was still busy with exams & all of a sudden I got a call from my buddy Levin & he was like “dude come over to my place for lunch tomorrow”. I was excited “Whats the occasion?” I asked. “Nothing special, I am cooking” was his answer. For a second I didn’t know what to say. “You there??” he asked. I said “yeah yeah, U cooking????”….
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