Straight to Experiments!

Mujhe akhele darr lagtha hai” cried the heroine on the soap. I had come down to watch some cricket but I saw that the TV had already been taken over by the 3 ladies of the family. My wife, my mom & my sister. I could hear one of them saying “Poor Kushi” Apparently Kushi was no longer kush. For some reason she was now Dukhi . And that made all the women watching rookhi sookhi.I gave them the same dirty look they give me when I watch WWE & left them to themselves.

I went to my study & opened two of my favourite sites , Twitter & Indiblogger & saw that Sunsilk had come out with a brand new contest. It’s always exciting to see a new contest & I’m game for it most of the times though I’ve had very little to show for it in terms of results. I at once became alert, like how a lizard becomes alert when a mosquito is nearby( Wasn’t that a gross example?) If you this example is weird, wait & watch out for the ones that are coming.  But I was immediately  disappointed when I saw what the contest was about! “SUNSILK STRAIGHT HAIR” How the hell am I supposed to enter this contest when my hair is not more than a cm long. They said use the product & blog about it. I most certainly couldn’t be the best judge of it. It’s like polishing a stone(I don’t know if this is even an example)

Just then my wife came upstairs , she seemed happy, apparently some guy Arnav was not leaving the show. I didn’t really care. When I looked at her long beautiful hair I just realised that I could still enter the contest with her help. But I’d have to tread the surface gently like doing a tight rope walk 100 feet in the air.  “How was the serial baby” I asked. She looked at me with the strangest expression and said “Since when do you care about the serial?” I said “No really, I want to watch it too with you”. I don’t know how she got excited all of a sudden & she at once began telling me all the plot & characters & stuff about the show.

I didn’t hear a single thing. She was telling me something about Arnav having a najayaz aulaat. In my mind I was scripting my blog. Finally after 45 minutes she stopped talking & I realised that she was done. I wondered what happened to the najayz aulaat. Damn! Should’ve paid more attention.Then I just finally gently told her “Baby you want to try a new hair product?” Before I could finish it she said  a firm “NO” .My face fell, I asked her “why not?”. She said “I don’t want to experiment with new stuff & ruin my hair”. “Its Sunsilk” I said as if to impress her with the brand. “But I already use Sunsilk & Im happy with it. I don’t want to ruin my hair with experiments” She does beautiful hair I must admit. But I had to convince her somehow. Then she turned back & ask me how come I, a faithful soap user was advocating this to her. I told her it was for the contest. “You want to experiment with my hair, just for a contest?” My mind said “Yes” but the words that came out of my mouth were “No, No…. This is not an experiment. This is a great product”.  To impress her with my research I told her  “Sunsilk expert Yuko Yamashita has co-created Sunsilk Perfect Straight, the ideal shampoo for straight hair every day. Its breakthrough Straight-Lock technology to actively control and hold every strand perfectly aligned as it dries. It penetrates deep within the hair fibre, reducing frizz and straightening strands, keeping them fully aligned as they dry. You can experience unbeatably straight hair that is shiny, smooth and gorgeous, right from the shower”.I told her “Then use it yourself & enter the contest” she said & walked off in a huff

So next day to make up for the disaster of the previous evening I sat with the 3 women & watched Kushi & Arnav & their weird romance. WHAT THE…. No, that’s what Arnav said, not me. I could see my wife looking at me through the corner of her eye & smiling lightly. She seemed happy that I was actually watching the show & that she could discuss it with me. “I think Kushi uses New Sunsilk” I said. Mom looked at me strangely, my sister looked at me as if I had suffered an head injury lately, my wife ignored my comment. But not one of them said anything.So much for being subtle!

I continued to indirectly convince my wife to use the new shampoo in the coming days but to no avail. And the day came when the free sample of “New Sunsilk” arrived in its shiny new purple bottle (Though I must admit I have no idea about how the older sunsilk bottles looked) Now I have a sample of the product & frankly speaking didn’t know what to do about it. “Should I just use it & bluff about the whole thing?” I thought to myself. I decided to sleep over the thought & take it into the next day.

Men will be men” they say. And trust me there is a reason for it. Because when I finally realised that hook wasn’t gonna work, I decided to turn into a crook So I hit the master plan. I decided to secretly empty her shampoo & fill it with the New Sunsilk Straight Hair. So I went to her kit & emptied her previous sunsilk shampoo & started filling the new one.  Halfway through my experiment I realised that the sample sent by Indiblogger wouldn’t fill the whole bottle. So I had to run off to the nearest supermarket & get two bottles. As I did, another brilliant idea struck me & so I got an extra bottle with me. I got home & filled the bottle. Went downstairs & emptied my Moms & sisters shampoo bottles too & filled them with sunsilk straight hair. No they weren’t using sunsilk. What story could be better than shooting one bird with 3 arrows. 2 is better than one & 3 is the better than anything else coz Three is company Two(I already warned you about the weird examples)

And so I waited. The net had been cast & I waited for the fish to come to me. My wife came out after washing her hair. She looked at me & walked away without saying anything. I could see her admiring herself in the mirror. She was brushing her long hair slowly. I was just waiting for her comment about her hair & all of a sudden she asked me“How was your day baby” . Huh? I blabbered something which even I didn’t understand. Then she went off. What the hell was going on! I expected her to tell me that her hair felt unexpectedly good today. That didn’t happen!

Later at dinner I looked at all the 3 women. Their hair actually looked better & straighter & smoother! I don’t know if I was just my imagination though.  “I don’t know if it’s the weather but my hair feels sticky after the shower” My sister said. I looked up in shock. “Yes” My mom said”My hair feels rough too “. I didn’t know what to say! How the hell am I supposed to write a review of a product when its so bad! “Im having the same problem, Im having hair fall too” My wife said. My face fell! What have I done! I ruined their beautiful hair just coz of my greed!. I kept quiet & continued having my dinner. The script of the blog that I had written was all down the drain. My dreams were crushed like the Krushers in KFC. Why did I bother to take all this trouble, I could’ve just made up a story & written I thought to myself. An emotional song began playing in the background in my head to sum up the situation.

And you thought that you would change our shampoo & we wouldn’t even know!” My wife said & burst out laughing looking at my face. “You think we are that dumb, this is not a movie where such things happen?” My mom said with a grin on her face. I looked dumber than I actually am at that moment. They knew it all along, coz this aint a movie! “So you guys were simply pulling my leg?” I asked. “Yeah” My sister said. “The new shampoo is great. Our hair feels soft & silky” She said. “Yeah I’m, switching over to this one” My wife said. “It has a pleasant smell & hair the hair feels smooth & the split ends also are straightened out. ” She also said“Thank you for bringing it into my life, you are the greatest husband in the universe & you look hotter than John Abraham & Hrithik Roshan put together” Ok, she didn’t actually say it, but as I said men will be men

I was relieved. For my self that the story came out nice, & for sunsilk coz their product passed the test. Yuko Yamashita can breathe a sigh of relief too. Men will be men,  but women will always be one step ahead of them. My only thought as I pen this blog is, what would I have done if the product didn’t work & all their hair had fallen off! Congrats to Sunsilk for brining out a great product & yes, I used it too. Curiosity got the better of me!

DISCLAIMER – All the events depicted in the blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person is purely co-incidental. The author apologises any content of the blog has hurt anyones feelings

My wife, My Mom & My sister would use a product for me with their eyes closed so the exaggeration in the story is just to add to the humor.

To Indiblogger – You guys owe me two bottles of “NEW SUNSILK” bottles

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