Something About Nothing!

Ok its been a really long time since I’ve made my presence felt  & so here I am! And that’s obviously bad news. Today  Im gonna do something that’s gonna piss off 2 people coz that’s whats this post is meant to do J. I was sitting all by myself wondering…no wait, was it procrastinating or was it reflecting?  Ok I don’t exactly know what the latter two mean so Ill stick to “I was wondering” J Yeah now that that’s settled lets get on with the blog. So I was sitting & thinking, I mean wondering “Its been a while since someone really pissed me off, atleast a month maybe, when was the last time I wondered!!“  I swiveled my chair (yes I have a swivel chair) & my eyes landed on the table where unfortunately(for the ones Im talkin about)  my laptop was switched on & I saw facebook !!!! And there it was! Under the list of “FRIENDS” I saw some “Non Friends”. The list of all the people who I’ve felt like giving  an MTV“one tight slap” either now or in the past. Ofcourse there are a couple of people who aren’t in my list but that’s a story for some other time. So here goes, ofcourse I wont use the actual names coz that would be rude, wouldn’t it?  And its also a lot more fun to keep people guessing & making them procrastinate “is it me he’s talking about” (I told you I don’t know what that word means) Ofcourse they already know who they are so the rest of you don’t worry J

So the 1st one is …well lets call him Nosy. Now Nosy is called so for a reason but its not the reason you all are thinking about. That’s just for me. Now this kind of specimen is a very dangerous one coz you never really can predict or guess how they are, what they’ll do & when they’ll do. One minute they are your knicker buddies  & the next minute they are telling people that you resemble a monkeys behind! Now why they do that, don’t ask me. I think its better you ask Nosy or his shrink coz Im sure he has one. Now Nosy would surely blow his hat off after reading this which I know for sure he will once he finishes pretending that he’s busy. Yeah Nosy’s always busy, busy doing what? Just wandering around the city I guess coz that’s all he knows. You can ask him & he’ll explain it to you in his ever delightful way though be warned that that can take days at the speed (or the lack of it) that he talks. I’ve always felt that he makes the girls cringe when he opens his mouth to talk but Nosy tells me that he’s just awesome with the ladies but who am I to judge. Actually Im just pretending to be nice, I will judge him J but not today. Maybe Nosy needs to get a dog. Why? I don’t know, its just an observation

Now coming to the next one & this one belongs to the opposite gender. One of those typical so called blondes.  She thinks she’s the best but wouldn’t be able to tell a notebook from toilet paper. Lets call her Slutty J Why? Coz it sounds girly & also coz the name says it all. Now Slutty is one weird girl. She thinks that all the guys in the universe kiss the gorund she walks on. And when one of those guys shatter that myth of hers  she’ll just go around  telling her friends “He’s crazy about me, but Im not interested in him” Wake up & smell the coffee or rather those fumes that you blow woman! Nobody is interested in you, except maybe for those losers you hang out with! This one will do anything to draw your attention & I mean ANYTHING. From questionable outfits to questionable doubts! She’ll try it all! Does she need to get a dog too? Im not gonna answer that coz that would tell everyone who she is hahaha. Damn Im funny, nobody cracks me up as much as me.

So there you have it. This is just the beginning. There’s more to come. This was just to get the ball rolling & also increase the hits on my blog. What can I do, I’m a li’l devil too. Ta da!

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