Our Imperfect Story – The Novel


It has been a long time coming; it has faced several hiccups and at one point; it threatened to never see the light of day. But OUR IMPERFECT STORY, my debut novel, has been as resilient as the covid warriors fighting the virus and has finally made an appearance in paperbacks and ebooks in all its glory.

This is not a love story!

Rohan is an average confused medical student who doesn’t seem to be getting the answers to the question’s life is throwing him. He wants to know why his best friend Aakash wants to end their friendship, even though he did nothing wrong. He wants to know why his roommate Sid has a fear of bikes. He wants to know why his friend Joseph has joined engineering, even though he is interested in something else. He wants to know whether or not his batchmate Shweta loves him. Most of all, he wants to know from his mother who his father is. 

But no one will answer his questions and so he has to discover the answers himself, all of which have a major impact on his life. 

This is a story about the journey of four friends as they battle their way through their medical and engineering courses.

This is a story about friendship and family…. Maybe this is a love story after all!


This book is a story about 4 individuals, who are students studying medicine and engineering courses. It’s about their college lives, their fun times, the pranks that they are involved in and the difficulties involved in pursuing their courses. It is also about their personal demons and how they tackle it. 

At some point, their paths cross and they end up being an inseparable quartet. They help each other out in ways they could never imagine. They are having the best times of their lives and seem invincible. 

But just as a speed breaker slows down a smoothly gliding vehicle, their lives are jolted but a predicament which threatens to destroy their friendship and leave permanent scars on their unblemished companionship.


Ever since I read Chetan Bhagat’s FIVE POINT SOMEONE, back in 2005 while I was still a medical student, I wanted to write a book. There was something about that book that appealed to me, and I wanted to emulate it in my own way. I wanted to break the perception that medical students don’t have as much fun as their engineering counterparts. But I could not think of what exactly I should be writing.

About 5 years ago, after I had completed my studies and had started my career, I was out on dinner with 4 of my closest friends Avakash Chand, Pradyumna Bhandary and Edward Prashanth. During the meal, I casually mentioned to them that I wanted to write a book, and I wanted it to be about medical college life. That’s when Avakash asked me, “Why don’t you write about us?”  At first, I laughed off the suggestion. But then, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. We had known each other since forever and so there was no dearth of real-life incidents that I could write about. And we had both the Engineering and Medical college life perspectives in the group.

That was the inspiration behind the book. Avakash and Edward, the engineers coached me regarding their course while Pradyumna and me began recollecting our college days as medical students. And before I knew it, I had more content than I could fit in a book. 


The book is available both as ebook and paperbacks on Amazon.in and Notion Press books. Click the links below for the same are –

Our Imperfect Story – Amazon.in

Our Imperfect Story – Notion Press Books


The title of the book is OUR IMPERFECT STORY, as it chronicles the imperfect lives of its protagonists. And since it is a debut novel, it is an imperfect book as well. It is a simple story, but a story from the heart. I hope you read it and like it. And whatever be your opinions about the book, I would like to hear it from you so do get in touch. 

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