New York – More Than A Movie

I went to watch the movie NEW YORK thinking it would be one of those masala entertainers & ofcourse coz Katrina was there in it too. I mean who woulnt want to see her on the huge screen.  The movie didnt end up being one of those brainless entertainers but one of the most thought provoking movies ever. A total moneys worth.

Halfway through the movie when you listen to John narrating the torture he had to go through in those “detention camps” makes you cringe. I’ve read a lot of this in Friedrich Forsyth & John Grisham’s books but to actually see it being potrayed on the screen makes it seem much much more brutal.

Which brings me to the  controversial thought which we all had when we came out of the theatre. Was terrorism justified if those so called terrorists were subjected to such inhuman torture? Mind you i know this was a movie but the fact remains that stuff like this happens all the time. Everyone knows about the infamous Guantanamo Bay. Is it fair to put innocent people through such agony & then let them go for the “lack of evidence”?

You just cant expect a normal human being to forget it all. You are cruisin down the street in your car & suddenly a policeman stops & asks you for your liscene which you dont have one you. He asks you to pay the fine. Dont you just get so so so wild with him. Dont you abuse him once you are at a safe distance from him? Imagine being tortured & treated worse than an animal for a considerbale lenght of time. Will you smile & accept the fact that they are “sorry”? Wont you harbour so much hate that you’d wanna do the same thing that was dished out to you? Its they who create the terrorists & then fight them! Not all of them but a lot of them. Terrorism has no place here & Im in no ways justifying it BUT every terrorist out there isnt someone who was born a terrorist.

My only question of interest would be “would you have been happy if the Sameer in the movie had pressed the button & triggered the bomb”? 🙂


  1. Hmmmm…I actually took some time to digest all that was shown in the movie….”ruthless” is the only word that comes to mind as of now…..I completely agree with the argument….however, the fact remains that “terrorists threaten”….if the patrol wasn’t as harsh we would’ve probably seen more people dying for the selfish needs of others… I wouldn’t be able to judge your view because you definitely DO have a point…..there are civilised ways to torture n there are definitely better ways to defend or protect a nation…..getting to the root cause of a situation is however always hard, nobody says it’s easy, which is why a set of rules and regulations have been brought to light for the safety of everyone….in the movie Sameer was a muslim, n as I recall, at that time racism which once vanished resurfaced just because of 9/11 in America….cool, so he knew he was a muslim and he posessed pictures of the twin towers which were clicked before the tragedy…..and to top it all he hoped to board an aircraft unquestioned, soon after 9/11?… would you justify his actions?……as far as I know, almost every muslim was targetted at that time in America because of what happened…..

    alright alright….several others would’ve been put on the line for various reasons, some innocent, but at the end of the day terrorism isn’t a joke either….if people would sit around watching n doing nothing about it, those who’re alive would have nothing to do but hope n pray for survival….we could say the system is corrupt, but stuff like this happens everywhere…. India is absolutely no exception and it’s probably worse…..

    well, I’m not arguing with what you have to say and I’m actually impressed with the blog article….it’s truly enlightening…all we can do is hope for the eradication of terrorism…..the world would definitely be a better place to live in then, regardless of what religion or race one belongs to….

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