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Indiblogger has come up with unique ideas over the years to stimulate bloggers & keep them active & INDSPIRE is one among them. I must admit I am a bit late in catching the INDISPIRE bug but that was just because I was away from blogging for more than a year. Now that I am here, there’s is no stopping me.

The topic is MY DREAM LIBRARY is long gone but its something I had to write about because a library is always what I wanted to have & I have already begun the process of getting the books for it. My idea of a dream library might probably too much to ask for but as they say there’s no harm in dreaming so here goes….
Well every little detail is important so we’ll start one at a time.
First & foremost I’m not a fan of the modern library set in a swanky building with bright lights all around. I infact prefer the ‘antique’ look. I would like to have my library to have completely hard flooring, yes wood! The one that even makes a creaking noise when you step on it. Ill then cover it with a brown/maroon carpet for the most part of it just to give it that cozy feel.

New folder
The ceiling again will be simple. No LED/LCD lights. Don’t want it to look like a call centre. A couple Antique fans with those lights at the centre (yes those things always captured my imagination) with hard wood ceiling again!

ceiling final
This is obviously the best part. I would like my shelves to reach up to my eye level. Shelves extending to the ceiling are a definite NO NO. I prefer having every book within reach without having to use a chair or a ladder to grab them. The empty space above the shelves would be covered by portraits of my favourite authors, snapshots of interesting facts & pictures of some bestsellers over the years.
I would divide the books based on authors alphabetically, not by genre. One reason is that I find it very difficult to divide the books based on genre & the other being I always remember the authors. Autobiographies & biographies will be a completely different section though. Dan Brown, Fredrich Forsyth, Agatha Christie, John Grisham, I want them all …..And I wont forget my Archies, Tinkle, Chacha Chowdry,Amar Chitra Katha’s as well!

setting 2 setting 3

A reading chair, a nice relaxing lazy boy actually with an over head reading lamp (coz the rest of the room will be lit by a dim lamp, you have to always take care of your eyes you know!). The corner of the room having a music player to play soft music when I’m taking a break from the reading. An air freshner or scented candles. Wow! Now that would be bliss. It would be my very own safe place/escape route from the rest of the world!

books 1 setting 1


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