One of my favourite games on my Samsung Galaxy ace is Basketball. A real simple game which very light weight for my phone which obviously cant handle big games. But this isn’t about the game. I mention this because everytime I played the game, at the bottom of the screen around the corner of my eye I used to see a tiny advertisement for “TRUE CALLER”. Somehow I never paid attention to it coz come on, lets be honest, one never bothers about the ads while playing a game! Anyways it was only after I was told about the app by someone else did I try it.

They say android has millions of apps, but lets face it, most of them are crap. Only a few of those many are good & still fewer being excellent. So where does True Caller stand? To think that one can actually have a caller ID on his/her cellphone which will detect ANY unknown call is definitely far fetched. But here is an app that comes as close to it as possible. It actually does what it says!  1st things 1st. It’s a light weight app & hence my Galaxy Ace(which is halfway between a horse & a turtle) can handle it with ease. After you search & download it from Google Play, the final installed version looks like this.


Once you’ve done so, Ill bet you that you’ll spend atleast the next one hour trying out all unknown numbers just to know if the app works & also to know who your stalkers are & trust me when the app gets it right its loads of fun. . And boy its simple!! Open the app & just enter the number that you want to know in the search bar. It searches for about 10 seconds & gives you your result, yes in 10 seconds! The result can obviously be either the name or the “no matches found”. Though there will be a large number of negative results, its surprising how often it gets the number right. Considering the fact that its still in its early days with constant updating going on, the search results can only get better. Whats more is that it even has a live search i.e it detects the number when there’s an incoming call which is fabulous & does not interfere with the built in phone settings.


They also have an option of name search. Now I don’t really know how that is going to work coz its still not been enabled but sounds cool. Imagine typing in a name & getting their phone number! Plus a few other goodies like the usual facebook connect(which almost every app, every website has these days) & also a CALL FILTER which allows you to block those unwanted calls. All this for free with no irritating ads in between(Ironic coz I saw this app as an ad on the other app hehe) Now isn’t this a  power packed app & a perfect example of good things coming in small packages!

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