Marriage – Is all God’s work???

God sat at his table in heaven.  It was packed with papers & details on what work was done & what had to be done. It was all divided streetwise,statewise & countrywise so you can imagine the amount of detail in it. Every prayer around the world had to be entered into his database. It was late & had been a long tiring day for him (coz no matter how much he tried he couldn’t make India win more medals at the Olympics) but he was still up coz he was worried. Anjali was all of 25 & her parents wanted her to get married. They wanted a suitable guy & they kept saying that “God will find the right guy for her”.And they did everything possible to get his attention too. Pooja’s, offerings, prayers & what not.  Little did they know that God has so many other issues to tackle! For one the Congress-BJP ever going on conflict. But God being God has to deliver no matter what the situation is. So he decided that now was the time to pay more attention to this issue. He saw the ad Anjali’s parents put on findtherighthusbandfor Age- 25, Height 5 feet 4 inches, fair, devout, can cook 3 different cuisines, helps the poor & looking for a well to do handsome groom preferably settled abroad except for Japan due to high likelihood of earthquakes.

So God checked his own database. There were so many parents of grooms who had written a prayer to him. Ajay, Vijay, Karan, Arjun, Bunty, Bunta were all there. He searched & searched.” This fellow is younger to her, this fellow less  educated, this fellow is a vegetarian”  he kept telling himself as he went from one profile to another. There he was! The perfect guy for Anjali. 30 year software Engineer Shoaib. He was smart, standing at 6 feet tall & working at a reputed software company in the US. Everything that Anjali’s parents were looking for. Finally he could rest now! It had been a long day after all. He didn’t click the ENTER button, he thought he would do it tomorrow after a 2nd look .God slept with a pleased look on his face.

Suddenly He awoke from his deep sleep with a disturbing thought. Anjali & Shoaib! That would never do. God remembered that humans had divided themselves into groups & though it was ok to talk, mingle with the other group, marriage between the two was a definite no no. So he could not bring this proposal to Anjali’s parents. He had to find an alternative but needed time for it.

Days passed. God was busy with other projects like Indo Pak war, floods in Indonesia & many other prayers for the Indian Idol show. But he hadn’t forgotten Anjali’s parents. He switched on his giant monitor to see whats going on below in Anjali’s part of the world. To his utter amazement he saw Anjali  & Shoiab on a park bench! Now that cant be possible coz he was very sure that they didn’t know each other. He checked his computer to see if he had accidently clicked the ENTER button that other night, he hadn’t! He realised that they must’ve met recently by what humans call “co-incidence” . Love had managed to bypass him. So he decided to wait & watch. Time went  by & Anajli’s & Shoaib’s bond grew stronger.  God thought to himself that they did look good together. The day finally came when they decided that they would tell their parents. God watched anxiously when Anjali told her parents that she wanted to marry Shoaib. They were furious. They argued & they fought. They said they would never accept the match & that she had ruined their family name. God winced in pain. The same thing happened at Shoaib’s place. But the couple were firm, they kept pushing on till their parents finally relented.

3 months later they got married. A year later they had their 1st kid. Life was good. God smiled. They were what one would call an ideal couple.  They were in love with each other. So this is what Love Marriage is? No God said “ This is what every marriage should be”.  In an arranged marriage parents go through whole lot of detail into the groom/bride’s family, behaviour. That’s obvious coz your giving your child to a stranger, love marriages tend to bypass that coz the 2 individuals are in “love” & hence they know each other well(atleast they think they do). In arranged marriage you fall in love after marriage whereas in Love marriage its obvious. In arranged marriage, post marriage you come to know whether what your parents were told about your partner was right or wrong, In love marriage, post marriage you come to know whether your partner is same both before & after marriage. Either way you have to adjust with your partner coz EGO is the biggest evil ruining marriages. When something goes wrong its always easy to blame the other but how many of us look at ourselves?


So Marriages- whether love or arranged are made in heaven or are they? One would never know. But both require the 2 individuals to make it work.

God smiled. He knows whether it was fate or on purpose that Anjali & Shoaib met but he wont tell………..

This blog is not meant to hurt anyone or any sentiments. If done unintentionally the author apologises for the same


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