In God we Trust!????

Rahul and Krish are both in the exam hall about to write their final BE exams. Both boys have been good friends & room mates all through the 4 years of their engineering lives. Rahul was always a hardworking student though somehow his efforts never translated into marks. Krish had been easy going, though scraping through every year somehow. But this time things were different. Krish had a lot of family problems in the run up to the exams & hence couldn’t prepare much. He feared the worst. Rahul had put in his usual efforts but he feared the worst too.

Both were now sitting at their respective tables waiting for the question papers to be distributed. Rahul looked over at Krish & gave him a quick thumbs up & mouthed an “All the best”. Krish did the same with a nervous smile. Rahul quickly prayed  “ Please God, let me remember all that I have studied & help me pass with flying colors.” Krish on the other hand who was deeply religious too folded his hands, closed his eyes looked down & prayed in silence “Dear God, I know what I am doing is wrong but I have no other choice. Please don’t let me get caught & please help me pass” He quickly checked his mobile phone hidden beneath a compartment in his desk & also the bluetooth headset in his ear which was not visible to anyone. The clock struck 9 & they all began writing.

Rahul tried remembering everything that he read over the past 3 months. Some of the answers came to him, some just wouldn’t. There was a formula that he had read at around 3AM five days back that he just could not recollect. He tried his best to go deep into the void of his mind to somehow remember it. On the other hand Krish wrote steadily through the answers being relayed to him by his friend through his headset.He softly dictated the questions & problems to his friend who sat at his hostel room desk & solved most of them and told him the solutions step by step. At the end of 3 hours both of them looked up to the heavens & said a quick “thank you” to their respective God’s.

A month later the results were out. Krish passed, Rahul failed by 4 marks.

If you think that this anecdote is fiction then God help you(if you are not an atheist, that is) Both the boys prayed. Both for different reasons but a common goal. Often we compare a believer with an atheist. How many times do we actually talk about people who pray for the wrong or right reasons? After all both are believers aren’t they? If Krish was wrong in cheating, was it right on God’s part to make him suffer family problems in the run up to the exams? Cheating can never be justified, its wrong but he still passed, didnt he? So what should Rahul do to succeed, study more or pray more?

So does God exist or not? The answer is – I don’t know. What I know is that I believe in God because that’s what has been taught to me by my parents. That belief is called faith. And this faith has worked for me. That same faith which atheists probably call luck when things go in their favour. Because of which I don’t judge those who don’t believe in God. There is ample reason out there in our world for one to lose his faith. What matters is that whether you are a believer or not, you do the right things in life. If fear of God makes you avoid evil, that’s great! But if you are an atheist who harms nobody, you are awesome too! So Live & let live!

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  1. Religion kills more people than bioterrorism.
    Correction – fanatics of religion kill in the name of religion. If only we learnt to tolerate the other’s viewpoint and not insist on changing his viewpoint to suit ours …

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