Dry baby, happy baby….happy mommy!

Only a mother can truly tell how important it is for a baby to be dry and tummy full!Here’s how much a dry baby can make a difference in your lives. The following post is in the words of Dr Nishita Fernandes, my wife.

I woke up at 7am, stretched my arms and legs lethargic as ever, had a quick look at my awfully huge tummy and finally managed to wiggle out of bed. Somehow I lazily dragged myself to the balcony to soak in some early morning sun. They say it’s good for health. Being 9 months pregnant accompanied with all the mood swings and cravings that came along with it, I really didn’t care what’s good for health. All I wanted to do was spy on Kavita, my neighbour who had just delivered an adorable little girl just a couple of weeks back. Spying on neighbours? Typical of every woman I must say.

I could see her walking around in the garden, talking to the plants as she passed by. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the early morning breeze blowing in her face. I thought to myself, “How wonderful.!!! Having a child is not that bad after all”. The very next day I was rushed to the hospital and I soon came home holding a charming little angel in my arms. And then the journey of my dreaded days began.
In a weeks time I saw myself in the mirror with really dark raccoon eyes, a dull unhappy face, frizzy hair tied up in a bun with a lot of loose strands hanging from all sides. Why did I have this zombi look? I thought to myself, but Kavita looked so good. She looked so happy. I kept thinking a lot trying to figure out things but didn’t seemed to find any valid logic.

I decided to go for my shower to cool my aching head a bit. The moment I stepped in I heard my baby cry. I rushed out changed his cloth nappy and went back in. I had just soaped my body when I heard the cry again. I wrapped a towel around me and rushed out to change his nappy again, my eyes burning from the half washed soap. Again I went back in and I heard it once more and this time I found myself running out with damp hair and water dribbling all over the floor. I almost slipped trying to cater to the little ones needs. I finally managed to finish my bath and sat down for a cup of tea when the baby alarm went off again. “Baawwwwwl, waaaaaail , waaaaaah” was all I kept hearing all day and all night. That explains why I looked so unkempt. I couldn’t figure out why she cried. Was she hungry? Was she sleepy? Was she tired? Did she need to be cuddled? Everything seemed so confusing.

I slowly separated the curtains of my window and sneaked a peek into Kavita’s house again. And there she was, in her verandah with her legs up on a stool, leisurely reading the newspaper. That’s when it struck me, that I never heard her baby cry. How could her baby possibly be happy always? Why was I always drowned with my baby’s cry ringing in my ears. I was lost in thoughts when I saw Kavita waving back at me as if trying to tell me something. “What is it?” I asked. She replied saying ” I’m going out for a movie, could you please be kind enough to receive my parcel when it arrives?”. I just nodded my head. Deep within I could hear my inner voice say “I hate you Kavita, I’m so envious of you”.

When the doorbell rang I was sure Kavita was here to collect her parcel. I felt exhausted with no energy left to go up to the door. “Waaaaaaaah” I could hear my baby go off again and I almost dropped down to the floor tired and weary. Kavita came in with a cheerful smile on her face, all bubbly and excited. The movie must have been awesome I wondered. I handed over the parcel to her. She took it, turned towards me and said, “These are the pampers I ordered for my baby. I must say its a wonderful product and keeps your baby dry and happy, both night and day” and she left. Those words rang in my ear again and again. “Keeps baby happy” I said aloud. So that was her secret. That was precisely what I wanted to know. I quickly sat down to order my pack too with a silent grin on my face and voila!!! As magical as it may seem I never heard my baby cry from that day onwards. My baby is really happy all day and all night and I’m floating on cloud nine. As much as I hate Kavita, from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful to her.

1. This post is not fiction.

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