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“Hair today gone tomorrow” is a quote which some people take very seriously. And so while some stress over their tresses others try & make the most of it while they still have them.  Now Im no stylist, infact Im far from being one as evident from my ‘take the brush & comb your hair backwards’ hairdo.  And hence I decided to go about a bit differently about this topic. This is the season of the IPL & what better way than to ambush this topic which has scores of women entries than a guy talking about cricketers with Ramp Ready Hair Styles.

Hair styles are something that has never been associated with cricketers. Infact they are all thought to be well groomed, clean cut & almost business like. Whether the reason for this is the fact that cricket is called the ‘Gentleman’s game’ or the fact that cricketers are most often seen sporting a cap unlike the footballers is unkown. But the younger generation has really come up with some Ramp Ready hairstyles. Everything about cricket is now stylised. These days we have cricketers who act well in commercials & look good too! The Laxmans,the  Gangulys were great players but could never be called style icons. Here are a few cricketers with unique hairdo’s

1.      Mahendra Singh Dhoni

What better way to start with than our very own Captain cool. This guy from Ranchi won everyone over with his charm, his charisma, his cool attitude both on & off the field . But the 1st thing that people would remember him was his long, straightened shoulder length hair when his burst onto the scene which was unheard of in Indian cricket circles till then. Here was a daring batsman & high flying keeper with locks to die for. When he wasn’t hitting the balls out of the ground , he was scampering between the wickets for ones & twos & the wind in his hair made him look like a stallion. Its no surprise that his female following began from right then

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2.      Sunil Narine

This West Indian “mystery bowler” is one with probably a mystery haircut too. Its somewhat like a disinterested mohawk, almost as if someone has slashed half of the spiky stuff in anger. However it has brought him as much attention as his bowling. Again probably the 1st of its kind seen on the cricket field

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3.      Shikhar Dhawan

He’s the new kid in town & perhaps has an hairdo never ever seen on the cricket field. You look at him from the front & you notice an almost clean shaven pate almost Sehwagesque. But its only when he turns around that you notice a a tiny rat tail almost at the nape of his neck. Truly innovative one must say. Whether its cool or not is another matter. But being crazy & bold is what being Ramp Ready, isn’t it? Don’t be surprised if you see these young boys sporting this hairdo very soon

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4.      Lasith Malinga

This is one hairdo one can never miss or forget once you see it. Infact its become a cult with Malinga fans sporting the hair ‘style’ in the stadium whether he’s playing or not. Long curly worly hair transformed into goldilocks. This guy is unique in every way whether its his bowling action or his tresses. Slinga Malinga is sure to be Ramp Ready

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5.      Andre Russel

Trust the West Indians to come up with something flashy. Whether its their dancing moves on the field or the Bling that they have on themselves they are always easily noticeable. This guy probably takes it to a different level. This one is similar to Sunil Narine except for the fact that other than the spikey middle bit rest is shaven off. I know its probably the weirdest description you’ve heard of his hair style but I just couldn’t find better words


6.      Collin Miller

Im sure this guy is someone most of you wouldn’t remember. He was an Aussie bowler who played a few international matches for Australia. The saying was that people in the stadium would be curious every match to know what color hairdo he would turn up with. And he never disappointed them. He bowled spin , he bowled medium pace. He even bowled both right arm & left arm. And he came up with Ramp Ready hair colors EVERY single match!


7.      Virat Kohli

The new bad boy of Indian cricket! In terms of attitude this guy has taken off from where Yuvraj Singh left off. But for his style & attitude, he does play extremely well too. From spikes to cabbage cut, this youngster has tried it all & none of the female fans seem to be complaining about it!

Virat Kohli


8.      Chris Gayle

Calling him explosive would be an understatement. This ever cool Jamaican allrounder sports long braids. It would take him an awful lot of time to get ready before a match, wouldn’t it?

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9.      Harsha Bhogle

Lastly I end with this passionate cricket broadcaster who not only seems to know his cricket but also knows how to manage his hair. A few years back he sported a clear male pattern of baldness but now the desert seems to have found its oasis. Saurav Ganguly , Virender Sehwag tried it but failed. But Mr Bhogle seems to have got it just right!

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 So these are my Ramp Ready crickters! Why should girls have all the fun. Guys can experiment too! Some of the hairdo’s maybe crazy but if not for these guys we would not even realised that it could be done! So stop stressing over your tresses….Just let it flow ….

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