Child’s Play

Daddy, daddy, there’s a monster in your bed room” the little one screamed.

He looked up from his work nonchalantly and said “There are no such things as monsters. Now go and play. I’m busy.”

The 5-year-old walked off without saying a word though disappointment was written all over her face.

He continued with his work but she appeared again in a while and said-

Daddy there’s a monster in your room. I’m scared!

He was angry now. “There are no such things as monsters, do you understand me?”  he said harshly

And just to prove a point, he dragged her to his bedroom and went in without switching on the lights.

See I’m all alone in the dark here with no monsters

Please look under the bed and in the corners too” she said from the door.

He didn’t want to waste his time looking for a monster even if it would help settle the little ones worried mind. Obviously, there was no monster.

But just as he was about the leave the room something caught his eye. Something that he hadn’t noticed earlier. With its twisted features and grotesque body. It stared back at him with its fierce eyes. It was scary indeed. The image in the mirror didn’t lie. The little one was right, there was a monster and that monster was him.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This morning as I walking down the hospital stairs I saw a man repeatedly slapping a child for something she had done. The little one was crying out loud and suddenly the bystanders of other patients confronted him. This made me really wonder, if such parents are not monsters, then who are? Please don’t let your child see the monster in you.

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  1. Wow! That was quite a strong punch you ended it with. I really don’t understand parents who hurt their children, physically and mentally. Superb narration, Ryan.

  2. I’ve often thought of this too – there are so many cases of child abuse and even if parents being indifferent towards their children. They are the real monsters, aren’t they?

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