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Horn Ok Please

Monday, a new start to the week. Monday blues are for real, don’t believe the ones who say otherwise. Its 7:45 AM and time for another long drive to work. And even at this early hour, the traffic moves at a snail’s pace, thanks to the never-ending road work which was intended to speed up […]

Food For Thought!

I had read about BlogAdda’s wonderful initiative Blog To Feed A Child in association with Akshaya Patra probably on the very day it was launched. Honestly speaking, I didn’t bother to get into the details of it because I thought that not only would I be too pre-occupied with my personal stuff to contribute a […]


Girls shouldn’t be visiting pubs, couples shouldn’t be holding hands, Hindu girls shouldn’t speak to Muslim guys, a guy & girl seen somewhere together should either be married or be siblings…….This is what the world has come to or rather what Mangalore has come to since its our world. We are supposed to be FREE […]