Horn Ok Please

Monday, a new start to the week. Monday blues are for real, don’t believe the ones who say otherwise. Its 7:45 AM and time for another long drive to work. And even at this early hour, the traffic moves at a snail’s pace, thanks to the never-ending road work which was intended to speed up the traffic in the first place. The massive oil tanker in front of me resembled an elephant who refused to budge with mahout hurling abuses at someone in front. HORN OK PLEASE was painted in bold letters at the back. I always wondered why would…
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Run For Your Life Doctor!

As I laboured up the stairs on a sultry afternoon, two strapping young men with biceps as huge as tree trunks looked up at me from their chairs and welcomed me with broad smiles. I was almost embarrassed to let them see that I was gasping and sweating after just climbing one set of stairs while they could probably do  a hundred push ups half asleep. We, doctors may not be afraid of blood, may not cringe at the sight of pus or maggots and may take on complicated cases without batting an eyelid but for some reason we will…
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Food For Thought!

I had read about BlogAdda’s wonderful initiative Blog To Feed A Child in association with Akshaya Patra probably on the very day it was launched. Honestly speaking, I didn’t bother to get into the details of it because I thought that not only would I be too pre-occupied with my personal stuff to contribute a blog post this month but also because of my ignorance (no harm admitting the truth). It was only when Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan tagged me in his post on his blog – GODYEARS & educated me about the whole issue and also showed me how much…
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Crimes Against Women

Good Morning my dear brothers & sisters of my brothers. I am Baba…. Baba HaramDev. I am your friendly neighbourhood Godman. And today I have been asked to preach to you all about why Crimes against women are on the rise & I will tell you exactly how to tackle the issue & keep our lovely..I mean innocent women safe. Ofcourse Im uneducated, uncivil & I have the mannerisms of a pig in your farm or the one on your plate but you guys should learn from me because its people like me who can keep our women safe. First…
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The Auto rickshaw Menace

I land in Bangalore at exactly 6:30 AM. Now when I mean “land” I mean the Volvo smoothly came to a halt at Koramangala (or so I was told as I have no idea about anything in Bengaluru). The moment I got down from the bus 5 auto drivers swooped in on me each one vying for my luggage. I was indeed thrilled by the hospitality. I was like “Damn these guys are so helpful!” Finally one among the 5 won the battle & guided me to his chariot. “Forum Mall” I said. “No problem banni banni(come come)” He said….
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Girls shouldn’t be visiting pubs, couples shouldn’t be holding hands, Hindu girls shouldn’t speak to Muslim guys, a guy & girl seen somewhere together should either be married or be siblings…….This is what the world has come to or rather what Mangalore has come to since its our world. We are supposed to be FREE people. We read it in our high school textbooks don’t we? “ India is one of the largest democracies in the world” We spend so much time studying all those things about democracy & being able to do whatever we want unlike a China ,…
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