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New York – More Than A Movie

I went to watch the movie NEW YORK thinking it would be one of those masala entertainers & ofcourse coz Katrina was there in it too. I mean who woulnt want to see her on the huge screen.¬† The movie didnt end up being one of those brainless entertainers but one of the most thought provoking movies ever. A total moneys worth. Halfway through the movie when you listen to John narrating the torture he had to go through in those “detention camps” makes you cringe. I’ve read a lot of this in Friedrich Forsyth & John Grisham’s books but…
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Delhi – 6

Expectations were very high… of course they would be. After all the last movie by the director was RANG DE BASANTI which went on to become a cult film! That is definitely an incredible feat to follow. But I guess whoever watched Delhi 6 will definitely say that they were left a tad disappointed. It was a fine movie don’t get me wrong on that but somewhere down the line you almost feel cheated while watching the movie coz you go to the theatre expecting an entertainment sort of movie. After all the promo song was Masakali which was full…
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