Mother Of Mine!

She broke the bread into two fragments, and gave them to her children, who ate with eagerness. “She hath saved none for herself” said the sergeant “Because she is not hungry” said the soldier “No” said the sergeant “Because she is a mother” “Don’t worry you will win for sure, I will pray for you” she told me. I was very nervous and felt like I would throw up anytime. I was in class 10 back then and was contesting the elections for the SPL (School Pupil Leader). At that time it was like contesting for the PM elections. Being…
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Love Thy Father!

  He sat there on his wheelchair all by himself, so frail and lonely. He looked at the calendar for the umpteenth time to make really sure of the date. It was 2nd December indeed. It only seemed to make him more depressed. Back in the day, he was a jovial and friendly guy, a loving husband and father who would go to any lengths to keep his family happy. But time hadn’t been so kind to him. At 55 years of age his muscular legs of yesteryear seemed to have lost their strength and he now needed a wheelchair…
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Marriage – Is all God’s work??? God sat at his table in heaven.  It was packed with papers & details on what work was done & what had to be done. It was all divided streetwise,statewise & countrywise so you can imagine the amount of detail in it. Every prayer around the world had to be entered into his database. It was late & had been a long tiring day for him (coz no matter how much he tried he couldn’t make India win more medals at the Olympics) but he was still up coz he was worried. Anjali was all of 25 &…
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