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Baby Thoughts!

Life seems to be pretty hectic these days. I wake up early in the morning…well not exactly early but early enough to be called early. I rush through with the morning routine with barely a glance at the newspaper which I so religiously go through otherwise & rush to the hospital ….. All coz Im posted in the Labour Theatre & I have to be there at 8 sharp coz God forbid there be a delivery.   And once you get there finally life seems to be a drag. You monitor , monitor & MONITOR! And then ofcourse relax in…
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RELATIONSHIPS- Why are they so difficult?

Relationships! People in relationships want to get out of it and those who aren’t in one, want to experience it no matter what! What a predicament. So many posts, books and discussions have taken place on this subject but hardly anyone has cracked it. These days relationships be it friendship or marriages seem to last as long a new mobile phone. You are tired of it the moment the new model is out. WHAT EXACTLY MAKES A RELATIONSHIP WORK This is a question I guess that many people must be asking. And you know what? I have no idea as…
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My Journey Into The World Of Blogging!

  BLOGGING! I didn’t even know what that meant a few years back until one of my friends told me “Dude check out my blog, I’ve posted about the party last night”. I was like “WHAT? What the hell is a blog?” And he went on to explain everything about it. What I still remember him sayin was “its like your own site” & honestly speaking that’s what got me really interested in it. After all who doesn’t want their own site. His explanation ended  with him giving me his address – And that was my introduction to the…
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What Do You See???

Its raining outside. The roll of thunder, the flash of lightning, it seems like the Gods are at war with each other. And well, if there’s only one God then he must be mighty angry to make so much noise! I sit by the window with a cup of hot steaming coffee , hoping that Im not the cause of Gods anger & also thanking my luck that Im all cozy & comfy inside when its pouring Scoobies & Toms outside ( I use the names of only the most famous cats & dogs ) I try to look outside…
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Something About Nothing!

Ok its been a really long time since I’ve made my presence felt  & so here I am! And that’s obviously bad news. Today  Im gonna do something that’s gonna piss off 2 people coz that’s whats this post is meant to do J. I was sitting all by myself wondering…no wait, was it procrastinating or was it reflecting?  Ok I don’t exactly know what the latter two mean so Ill stick to “I was wondering” J Yeah now that that’s settled lets get on with the blog. So I was sitting & thinking, I mean wondering “Its been a…
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