Baby Thoughts!

Life seems to be pretty hectic these days. I wake up early in the morning…well not exactly early but early enough to be called early. I rush through with the morning routine with barely a glance at the newspaper which I so religiously go through otherwise & rush to the hospital ….. All coz Im posted in the Labour Theatre & I have to be there at 8 sharp coz God forbid there be a delivery.


And once you get there finally life seems to be a drag. You monitor , monitor & MONITOR! And then ofcourse relax in the air conditioned Interns Lounge. Hey come to think of it life ain’t that bad there after all! Except for the poor screaming women that is….. and jus when you think that you can fall asleep comes that one screaming woman who’ll scare the daylights out of you…..

And then you go through the routine…. Monitor, preparation, scrub, drape & PUSH PUSH PUSH…. Not me, her!!  After what seems to be ages, again for her comes that deep breath of relief when a crying baby is finally out…. It’s a boy! And a healthy one at that…. He’s quickly suctioned & taken to the incubator where he’s checked thoroughly & later given his 1st bath….. wrapped in whites, looking all fresh you cant help but admire this li’l handsome boy

I look at him lying there so innocently with an occasional sigh blissfully unaware of everything around him. Ignorance is definitely bliss. I wonder if I should tell him that life ain’t gonna be like this always. That its all gonna go downhill from here on. Once he’s out of this cozy incubator which now seems to be his world, he’ll have problems galore. He’ll be crying & for a while no one would know why. Being nude won’t be cute after a while. There’ll be school & then worry about math, worry about that bully in class who’s gonna make his life miserable, that teacher who’s gonna find fault with him for everything. Should I tell him that he’ll have to worry about his grades or that there’s gonna be that so called BAD company that he’ll have to stay away from. Maybe I should tell him that he’ll have a friend who’ll backstab him or that girl who made him a million promises will one day just walk away making him feel worthless. Should I tell him that this is a competitive world & to survive he’ll have to be as ruthless & as selfish as the others .I can tell him that hard work rarely pays & being selfish is the only way to make it big around here.Every step in life is nothing but filled with problems & that he’ll one die either of stress or due to all d junk food that he ate to beat the stress or his nagging wife 😉

He shivers, moves a li’l & lets out a small cry. He’s reading my thoughts I guess. I feel sad…. Maybe I should tell him the good things. Life ain’t that bad afterall right. His loving parents would see that he has everything that he could ever ask for. Schools gonna be a great place learn, meet new friends & it’ll be the best phase of his life, He’s gonna study hard… he wouldn’t have to worry about the bully coz he can stand up to anybody. I can tell him about those friends who’ll always be there for him no matter what, they’ll be his partners in crime & also pillars of support. Heartbreak or no,a wonderful girl will come into his life who’ll hold his hand & make him feel the luckiest guy in the world. I can tell him that he’ll have. I should remind him that there’ll be a lotta pressure but the trick is to be confident enough to deal with them all. I can tell him that the world is competitive one but he doesn’t have to be a part of it, he can make an identity of his own.

He smiles… he likes the idea I can tell or maybe he just thinks that I look funny…. I decide not to tell him anything. He’ll learn on his own, afterall there’s no fun in watching a movie if you already know whats gonna happen


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