Autorun virus!!!! Finally got rid of it!

Yeah man this virus really troubled me…..Im no computer expert & so it took me a helluva lot of research  to even find out that the name of the virus is “autorun.inf” & that it mainly spreads by the use of infected flash drives. Once I found it, I tried every possible method to get rid of it….and how?

I went to google & typed “autorun.inf” , “autorun virus”, “how to get rid of autorun.inf”……lol BIG MISTAKE!!!!! There were so many suggestions like delete this, restart in safe mode, task manager…..Basically it was a whole lotta delete which in the end didnt help one bit & infact deleted some files necessary for the various programmes on my Pc which never opened after that 🙁 (stop laughing you morons)

Then by chance I stumbled upon a software by which was unbelievably lightweight, unbelievably simple……Just one click & the virus was destroyed.I know Im not supposed to advertise the site but I jus cant help  do it coz I really had to struggle to remove it so I dont want others to face the same thing….ENJOY 🙂

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