And the Winner Is…………….

The 1st ever WEEKLY PHOTO VOTING has come to an end & Im happy to say that it has been a grand success. I started this a week ago after a lot of deliberation coz the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE by WordPress fascinated me, especially the number of entries. I felt WordPress could get more out of it & so I came up with the voting idea so as to give credit to ALL the bloggers who submit their entries every week.

When the poll started off I was a tad bit disappointed I must say coz somehow process got off to a very slow start but then with the help of enthusiastic bloggers who helped promote it voting picked up in a big way. Here I’d like to especially mention CLASSYROSE who has gone all out in making everyone contribute to this & making this a success. It was coz of her intiative that the 2nd poll could come up. Do not forget to take part in the Random Blog 2011 Challenge organised by her! Voting of course is on for the “Weekly photo Voting- Curiosity” so please to caste your vote there.

Meanwhile like I said, we have our very 1st winner of the Weekly Photo Challenge. There were a lot of great entries, I know coz I had to go through all of them! The one who’s been voted by  the bloggers across WordPress as the best entry for the “Weekly Photo Challenge- Boundaries” out of the atleast 100 entries is ………… Barb at! Many congrats to her! As you can see from the poll that it’s a landslide of a victory with a 60 % of the voters believing that it was the best entry so she is undoubtedly the queen of the 1st photo challenge of WordPress!

You can view the winning picture here-

You can check the poll results here –  Weekly Photo Voting- Boundaries

Disclaimer- This poll is a private poll organized by me & is not in anyway started, promoted or organized by WordPress.


  1. barb19

    Wow Ryan – I am both honored and very humbled to be the very first winner of the Weekly Photo Challenge!
    I’d like to thank everyone who voted for my photo, and I’d also like to thank you for all the work you have put into this, because without you, it would never have happened!
    Thank you so much Ryan and all my blogging buddies!

  2. classyrose

    Great work Ryan. 🙂

    Thanks for starting the poll and for sticking with it. It was slow getting started but we’ve shown what can happen when everyone comes together to support a great idea. The online community here at WordPress came through in the end! 🙂

    A big thanks to everyone in the blogging community who took the time to visit and vote on their favourite photo.

    Thank you Ryan for all your hard work in viewing the many photos and making the selection for the final voting. 🙂

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  4. frizztext

    congrats, a good work, that poll-idea!

  5. Piglet in Portugal

    Great choice and well deserved!!

  6. Connie T

    That is a cute picture.


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