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Today was such a tiring day at school. Nobody realises how stressfull life is for an 8 year old! We have class after class with hardly any play break in between. On top of it I have to deal with a few bullies in class who want to have a part of my lunch packed by mom. And then to add to it there is so much homework! That is why I think the perfect song for an 8 year old would be “saari umar hum, marr marr ke jee liye, ek pal toh ab humein,jeene doh

As I came home searching for my sunshine and rain, I over heard mom talking to dad about something which really got me excited! They were discussing about us taking a trip to Melbourne, Australia to visit my uncle and aunt. I ran into the living room to be a part of the discussion and planning! They told me about some of the places in Melbourne we would be visiting. Some of them I already knew because my uncle and aunt had told me about it and also because I had written about them in my scrapbook.

I quickly had my tea, finished off my homework and decided to find out more about Australia! I have never gone anywhere beyond my state so to actually visit a whole new country was really exciting. I have heard from my aunt that Australia is far….very far. I remember asking her if we could get there by our car but she said that we would have to fly there! I don’t exactly know what she meant by fly though. But if it is anything like how it is in the superman movie then I just cant wait to do it!

I opened my scrap book to see all the places that my aunt had told me about. I started planning how I would want the trip to be and where I would take my parents. Since I had my scrapbook and knew so much about Melbourne from my aunt, teachers and friends I could be their guide because I was sure I knew more than them about the place.

The first thing that I would do after landing in Australia is to pack up my cape and mask and keep them in a safe place. My teacher tells me that one can’t be too careful these days! PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE she always preaches. Because if something happens to my cape and mask, we would find it very hard to get back to India. I have a lesson in English textbook which says the moment you land in Melbourne you are greeted by a nice smell and hardly any noise pollution both of which I would want to experience.Then we would be checking into a hotel there. My aunt tells me that there are hotels there which makes you feel like a king! I want the one which has the bathtubs in which the water jets from all sides and forms a whirlpool.After I’m fresh I would then start my tour of Melbourne along with my parents.

1. City Laneways
There is a heading in my scrapbook which says beautiful City Laneways. So I’m assuming that the moment we step out of the hotel we would be in these laneways. I heard that it can be a mystical like Hogwarts. Wouldn’t it be so cool to see animals in neon lights and roads made up of interlocking tiles like in the fairy tales. I heard that the streets can be endless and many of them have graffiti and art all over the walls! My teacher tells me that Canberra is the capital of Australia but Melbourne is called the Coffee Capital. I’m not allowed to have coffee at home, only horlicks but I’m sure my parents would make an exception when we are on a holiday. I especially want to visit the coffee shop where my aunt says that a dead man will serve me an espresso! (Dead Man Espresso). Till now only living people have served me drinks so this would be a first!

2. Melbourne Cricket Ground
Without doubt, this would be the second place that I would want to visit. I love sports especially cricket. I recently watched an India vs Australia test match held at the MCG on TV. Virat Kohli superb century in it and then blew a kiss to his actress girlfriend in the stands. Dad calls it the G, the ground not the girlfriend. Dhoni retired from test cricket on that very ground! Mom says that test cricket I boring. Dad told me that both cricket and football are played at the MCG which I don’t think is true because it would be very distracting for the batsman if the football kept coming in the way. It happens all the time in my school though, so I think I can manage. Also he says the stadium is 4 times the size of my school ground that would mean that I would not like to be a fielder there. I hope there is match there when we go, probably the WORLD CUP 2015!

3. St Kilda
My aunt has told me so many times that if I come to Melbourne, this is one of the places that I shouldn’t miss because it is a perfect family vacation spot. I love beaches and this would be the perfect place to visit! There would be live music, good food and she says sometimes we can even spot penguins around! That would be so cool. Here I would also want to try my hand out or rather my legs out at surfing. Uncle says that he would rather sit in the heated spa or on the beach and do some bird watching. I think even he likes penguins.

4. Fishing, Cycling and Water Sports
I cycle a lot in my neighbourhood with my friends but its no fun as we are not allowed onto the streets as my parents say it is not safe. But in Melbourne with its own cycling trails like the Bayside trail and the Main Yarra trail I can do all the cycling I want, at my own pace and with all the necessary safety equipments! So I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind
As I am anyways along the Yarra trail, I would also then try my hand at the water sports there especially the banana boat, the one in which dad always falls off and finds it so hard to get back on. Its so funny!
And I would end the day fishing with my dad. We would try to catch the famous snapper fish in the Yarra river(This Yarra river seems to be everywhere) After that we will tawa fry the fish and eat it.

5. Melbourne Zoo, Wonderland Fun park and Fairy Park
After a good night’s sleep, I would want to spend the entire next day in these 3 places. I don’t know how far these places are from each other but I hope we can fit it all into one day. I always visit our local zoo and watch the monkeys there throw banana peals on the floor. But the one’s inside the cage are better behaved. Hence I would love to visit a zoo in Melbourne. My friend who’s dad lives in Melbourne tells me that there are more than 250 species of animals at the Melbourne Zoo! That’s probably 200 more than in our zoo.
After the visit to the Zoo, I would run to the fun park and play in the dashing cars and the ride on the Whacky Worm Coaster though I don’t exactly know what it means. It just sounds Whacky!
And wouldn’t be a fun end with a story telling session at the Fairy Park! This place looks exactly like I imagined hogwarts to be. So I would have a Harry Potter story narrated to me. This would be entirely my day!

6. Ballooning and scenic Flights
This is something dad told me a year ago. He said that in Australia there are these balloon rides, where we are taken all over the city in the morning, in a balloon! Somewhat like how Tom does it in Tom and Jerry! We would get to see the sunrise from high above. I just hope it doesn’t take too long because then probably my arms would hurt holding the balloon! It’s probably why they call Australia down under, because from the balloon Melbourne would be down and under us.

7. Chinatown
I really like Chinese food, especially the wantons and also the Chinese movies with all the karate kicks. So instead of going all the way to China, which anyways wont be possible because dad would’ve exhausted his money in Australia, I would visit Chinatown in Australia! Not only would I get to see the Chinese culture with lanterns and dragons, I would also get to experience the Chinese food. And my scrapbook says that there is a Chinese museum there too. So that would be a learning experience. I hope I get to see Bruce Lee there and maybe Danny Morrison too coz he is a funny man and lives close by in New Zealand

8. Federation Square
Along with cricket, I even watch Tennis and my favourite is Roger Federer. I want to visit the Federation Square because I want to know if its named after him. Maybe it is because he has won the Australian Open 4 times. Mom says that some of the biggest events are organised there and I hope there is a One Direction concert when we visit.

9. For Dad
So far I’ve planned places based on what I want to see. But I have to think of my parents as well. After all I’m their guide and they will be depending on me! They too need to visit the places they like. I asked my uncle which of the places I should show dad and he said the 1st place I should take him to is the ROOFTOP BAR  which is set atop the Curtin house. He says that the view from there is amazing and what is served there would be even more amazing for dad.
Also dad keeps watching the news channel complaining about how our ministers behave badly in our Parliament. So I found an Australian Parliament for him called the Parliament of Victoria. The picture looks amazing in a postcard that I have! He would probably be happier in that parliament than ours!

10. For mom
Mom loves shopping and TV serials. So I have found the perfect combination. I would take her to visit the shopping boutiuqes in Collingwood(because it reminds me of the English cricketer Paul Collingwood). She can do all the shopping she wants or as much as dad will let her. I hope I get some toys and chocolates there for my friends back in India.
I would then take her to LA Mama, in Carlton Victoria. As the name suggests its a place probably for all the mama’s. She loves her shows and this place hosts many theatre shows or so I’m told. It seems it has produced some great actors. This should make her happy. Since we are there anyways I’d take her around the Queen Victoria Market too! Even I want to see this Australian Market which is supposed to be one of the biggest!

This would be my little tour to Melbourne. My parents say that I should never miss Sunday church and also when I visit a new church for the 1st time they say that if I prayed for something it would come true. So I would end our tour by visiting the Scott’s Church, in the corner of Collins street. Uncle says that Dad would probably be impressed by its stone work. I will go there are pray for the wonderful trip and also ask God to give dad more money so that he can take us on more of such trips

Authors Note:

1. This post is an entry to “Come Alive in Melbourne” contest organised by Tourism Victoria in association with Indiblogger

2. Since this post basically expresses the views of an 8 year old forgive the grammar mistakes(if any) and the geographical discrepancies (if any) 😛

3. The author has never been to Australia till date

4. The Author is an 8 year old only by heart


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  1. I’d say, I’d love to visit MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Even though I’m not much of a cricket fanatic, I do wish to see India fight against Australia this world cup while I gulp down my maaza (not a big fan of beer either) because when it comes to the World Cup, I’m a hard core cricket fan who takes up watching all night and making bets too (with family only :3) !

    BTW, very enthralling and illustrative post. Melbourne is no doubt the most livable city in the world.

  2. Great post and adorable drawings! After reading your post & watching all the videos, I’d most like to visit the Dandenong Ranges for it’s scenic beauty, breathtaking view and cool breeze blowing through my hair. 😛 I’d give anything away for driving through the winding roads which are present throughout the ranges. I’d love to stay at one of the bed and breakfast cottages and go on frequent excursions in the forests with my camera which provides excellent views. And not to forget the famous ride in the Puffing Billy, a day reserved especially for that. To add to that, there are also several picnic spots for me and my friends to spend a fun-filled day and the ranges are a perfect spot for hiking and cycling.


    Wish you and your blog a happy new year! 😀

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