All In a Flash!

She got out of her office complex. She rarely worked so late, but deadlines are deadlines & all bosses are pigs. Her shift usually ended at 7 PM. But she had to put in the extra couple of hours today & now it was 9:45 PM. She had to get home as soon as possible to her 5 year old daughter. The thought of waiting at the bus stop in the heavy downpour didn’t sound appealing to her. She decided to do the next best thing i.e take an auto. She whipped her cellphone out & quickly called her daughter & told her that she would be home in half an hour or so.

She stood on the pavement with her pink umbrella with frills on the edges. Even after a 10 hour shift she looked elegant in her salwar kameez. Even before she could raise her hand & call out “auto”, an auto appeared out of nowhere. A smiling boy in his early 20’s asked her about her destination. She got into the auto & the auto sped away splashing a stream of rain water around it. The drizzle was steady, not too heavy. She saw the driver give her a friendly smile through the rear view mirror. Suddenly the auto sputtered & choked like a man on his death bed & came to a halt. The driver tried a couple of kicks but to no avail. He told her not to worry as he would call for back up.

He made a quick call & sure enough 2 of his buddies appeared within minutes.
She heaved a sigh of relief on seeing the help arrive. The 3 of them got into a huddle in the dwindling rain & discussed something at length. She assumed they were trying to figure out the problem. She opened her purse to grab her cellphone to make a call & inform her daughter about the delay. Suddenly a hand grabbed her roughly & pulled her out of the auto. Shocked she looked up & saw herself staring into the face of the auto driver who now looked back at her menacingly. The other 2 closed in & tried grabbing her by the waist. She was too stunned to realise what was happening. She could feel her salwar being ripped apart from behind.

She had to act & act fast. In the frenzy she saw two guys walk by & cried for help. They gave a look & walked away not wanting to get involved whatsoever.They began dragging her into one of the bylanes where no one would see them. Then she acted. She kicked one of them as hard as possible & took out her cellphone & pointed it towards him. She pressed a button & suddenly what seemed like a bolt of lightning emerged from the top of the phone & hit the guy who fell back with the impact. He went into convulsions & then fell limp still breathing steadily. He was well & truly knocked out. The other two guys suddenly let go too shocked to know what was happening. She then pointed her phone at the 2nd guy & the same act followed. That’s when the young auto driver realised that she was using a cellphone with a taser. She stared at him with fury & just her gaze seemed to burn a hole through him. He stood there frozen with fright. He wanted to run away but knew he wouldn’t go far. Nobody had told him that a woman would fight back, nobody had told him that a woman could fire lightning bolts. He turned around & decided to run anyways. He could hear her flicking a button of her cellphone,he heard a crackling sound, he felt a surge of electricity pass through his body, he felt his face hit the ground & then everything went blank……….

Image courtesy Google

Image courtesy Google

The idea behind this blog post may sound far fetched today but a day is not far off  when it might have to become a reality, not just because of the need for such a thing but also because of the rate at which growing

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  2. Great idea, Ryan. Lightning power to drive away the baddies!
    Much needed defense system for women and other people in need.
    But, may only the needy get this.
    Imagine what’ll happen if the baddies have this Superpower and use it to capture their ‘victims’…
    That’s true for all Superpowers & technology…
    Best wishes for the contest!

    Thanks a ton for stopping by at my Blog and sharing such wonderful words 🙂

    1. Thank you Anita… Like you said, there’s this fear always of it falling into bad hands but maybe the need of the hour is that we need that risk.

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