All In A Days Work- Part 1

I was sitting all by myself (for reasons known only to a few) when I suddenly    wondered “what would happen if all our gang members were present at the same time” Coz right now we dont seem to be able to get everyone together at the same time. Well I guess it would be something like this
7:00AM(Sunday morning)
Levin: WAAAAAAAADDDDUUUPPPP!Dude wake up,wat you doin in bed so long?
Ryan: (still in bed) huh? Who is this?
Levin: You fu***r, Its me,get your lazy ass out of bed,lets have a guys day out today,a day of fun, a day of party!!!
Ryan: (Still dazed)”Is this Levin?”
Levin:Yeah you fu***r…..  are you all set to chiggy wiggy?
Ryan: Dude, its sunday.Lets just all sit at home & relax.
Levin: Get ready in half an hour,we’ll pick you up.
(Levin to Kevin)
Levin: Fu***r what you doin? We are havin an all day party.Get ready

Kevin: Fu***r you only. I cant get ready so soon,Im cleaning my car. Levin:How long will it take?
Kevin: One & a half hour
Levin: WTF! I dont even take that long to have a bath for a week put together!I dont care.Come home in half an hour or else we’ll leave you & go
(Levin to Sunny)
Levin: Dude we are gonna have an all day party today.
10 minutes later Sunny is at Levins place
(Ryan to Sudeep)
Ryan:Hey Levin said that we’re having an all day party,Asked me to inform you.Get ready
Sudeep: Ill be ready in 2 minutes dude.Ill come to your place,we’ll go in my car!
One n half hour later-still no sign of him
(Ryan to Rohit)
Ryan:Hey Rohit it seems we are having a day out
Rohit: Did he say where?I have no issues,I jus have some work to be done & after that we are good to go
(Levin to Anil)
Levin: Pinto…WAAAADDDUUPPP…..We are having a day spend.
Anil:Yeah cool,Ill just have to tell at home that I have to go to Kerala on work.
2 hours later finally in the car…
Levin:WWWAAAADDDuUUUpp ppl! Lets party!
Rohit:Where are we going
Levin: Oktober fest for a day!!! Wooooooohooooo
Kevin: Yeah awesome even though I didnt understand what you just said.
Sudeep: Its now or never….come hold me tight, kiss me my darling, be mine tonight.
Levin: Do you think we should’ve called some girls along?
Ryan:Yeah I think you should’ve coz everytime Tang sees the 3 of us together he goes into the Kela song.
Kevin:huhhuhuhhu scooby dooby dooo oo huhuhhuhu

Rohit: ok you dimwits before we end up spending the morning in the car I propose that we go to the zoo in the morning, beach in the evening & hit the club at night

Kevin: Rohit said “propose” huhuhuh scoobydooby doooo huhuh

Sunny: We’ll go to Virgin Beach!!!!
Sudeep: Tujhe kaalen re virgin virgin
Levin: I know you want me, You know I want ya….I know you want meeeeeee…
Sudeep:We should’ve called that girl Michelle
Anil:Who’s that?
Kevin:She’s that fair girl man, stays in urva, Lawrence Lobos daughter, wears all deep clothes n all, her boyfriend was that Tony.Now he left her & is running behind Janet.Janet is Chris’s sister, she was in your college only, 1 yr junior, how come you dont know.
Rohit just stares with is mouth wide open…Database is undoubtedly up to date
Levin:Lets all dress up as different animals & go to the zoo
Kevin:You dress up as a CA…Oh sorry you still arent one no
Rohit: He’ll dress up as a cock
Sudeep: Ill dress up as Kevin
Anil: What rubbish,I dont want any of my relatives to see me there dressed up like a weirdo.Lets just go normally.
Ryan:Lets not go to the zoo, it’ll be hot there & my skin is too sensitive, Ill get sunburnt.
Kevin:Yabbbaa…huhuhuhuhu scooby dooooo huhuhuh….
Finally we somehow reach the zoo…
Pictures are taken.Rohit being the all knowledgeable one gives all the explanations.Kevin keeps laughing,Ryan is afraid of the snake pit.Sunny as usual is very interested & watches & listens keenly.Anil is quiet.Sudeep keeps saying that the Tigers in US are much better & that ******* is a bitch. Levin keeps wondering why there arent any chicks around.Sunny wants to know why some tigers are white & some are yellow.The word tiger reminds Ryan about someone special.Rohit is totally busy clicking pics wid his Nikon, Anil seems busy on the phone texting someone, dont know who…actually we all know who.Kevin & Sudeep are busy comparing US & Australian bears. Sudeep says that the US bears are “Uniquely masculine with a hint of feminity sometimes grothesque but very amicable”. Kevin doesnt understand a word. He replies saying “Australian bears are big & black in color”.Levin tells everyone that the he read in the papers today that the tigers in assam are extinct which according to him is some kind of a co-incidence.All are exhausted within 2 hours coz we arent exactly the fittest guys around.Our idea of work is sitting & planning out a party.
Sudeep:Where do we go for lunch?
Sunny: Dinky Dine
Anil:Summer Castle
Levin: Bluewaters
Obviously you know which one is ignored 1st.
So Meena’s it is to have some fish & mainly coz its our boss Rohit’s suggestion.
This is what everyone is seriously thinking….
Rohit:”These morons will do anything I say.”
Kevin:”Thank God we are going to Meena’s or else these people order the seafood platter & salads in other restaurants & make me pay,I know Im an  Australian & that I have lotsa money but I need to save it for my flat screen tv & BMW”
Levin:”Meena’s? WTF….. This Meena better be one hot chick so that going there would be worthwhile
Ryan “I wonder what Anil is thinking”
Anil “Blank”
Sudeep: “Im come from US & these fools are making me eat in a gooodangadi”
Sunny : “Im gonna have anjaal fry”
So we all head to Meena’s & sit down for a nice meal.

2)”huhuhuhu scoobydooby dooo huhuhu” is Kevins laugh(For all those who dont know that)

3)Places mentioned here arent fictional 😛

4)Pictures are only to show you who the protagonists are.


  1. wtf man… u have potrayed me as a rich and bitching fucker… but the story is nice.. probably we will do it this december.. and when do i laugh like that..

  2. FRIGGIN HILARIOUS. Very precise I might add. hehehe. Meena’s zindabad. actually, I wud go anywhere, but its fun seeing how all of u just agree to what either anuroop or I say. and I started ROFL with the way u wrote ‘Obviously you know which is ignored 1st’. hahahahahaha

  3. LOLXXXZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man Ryan, very true to all.. Really hilarious, had a hearty laugh reading the blog. The characters are true to their behavior and the most funniest of all-Kevin, “huhuhuhu scoobydooby dooo huhuhu” hahahaha @kevin-u laugh like this all the time man.. and yes, what Ryan said was absolutely right(comment)!!!..
    @Ryan-amazing stuff, can’t wait for the Part 2.

  4. Wonderful…. Almost fell off my chair reading the blog..very funny…Obivously eating in Meena, ill spend the rest of my holidays visitng the restroom frequently…. Stop being mean and continue writing the second part….:)

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