A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

I have been blogging since quite sometime now but have never dared to venture into the A to Z challenge because the thought of writing 26 posts in one month is frightening. For those of who you who are unaware about it, it is a challenge hosted by www.a-to-zchallenge.com where you have to choose a theme and then post a blog everyday in the month of April except for Sundays in the alphabetical order.

I have read a number of posts on the A to Z challenge by different bloggers over the years and really admired them not only for the great content but also for the passion of the bloggers to write so many posts in a month. For someone like me who posts articles for just a few months in a year followed by long layoffs this is unimaginable.

That is until now. Because this year, I have finally decided to take up the challenge as a part of my New Year’s resolution to write more. And I am excited. The next challenge was to choose a theme which not only interests me but also the readers. After thinking about writing regarding cricket, TV shows, books, short stories and numerous other themes, there was one which I think would be apt for me for my first A to Z challenge.

Being a surgeon and a blogger, this challenge is definitely an experiment for me. Keeping in line with this thought my theme for A to Z challenge for 2018 is


I hope I can do justice to the theme and also to these famous personalities who selflessly gave their body, mind and soul in the name of science and medicine.


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