2015 DUMPlings

At the end of every year we all have a tendency to look at the events gone by in retrospect. At the end of it, all that we want to know is, has the year been a good one for me and how can I make the coming year a better one. This year has been an amazing one for me with me clearing my MS exams, joining work at our hospital as a staff and the icing on the cake at the being when my wife and me became first time parents having been blessed with our son in September. So there is not much I could’ve have for. But as always human tendency is to have that little extra and which is why I sat and analyzed what I would like to do differently next year.

10 commandments for the year 2015 –
1. Eat healthy : I have made resolutions galore over the years to work out hard in the gym and gain that lean, mean (formerly John Abraham) look. Every time I’ve ended up not going for more than 3 weeks and being the butt of jokes within the family. So rather than going down the same old path, this year I would rather try something different and eat healthy instead. Less of junk food and more of healthy, home made food along with everyday exercises like taking the stairs at work or malls and a lot more walks! The occasional KFC or Domino’s will certainly not hurt. Nor will dinner with friends outside, Or lunch with family at restaurants, or birthday treats at resorts *evil grin*

2. Say NO : Yes ….Time to say NO. Sounds weird I know but it is something I badly need to learn to do or else I’ll soon turn into a push over. Will you do this presentation for me?…NO, Will you take extra classes?NO. Looks so damn easy on paper…doesn’t it? The Yes’s next year will be only for those who genuinely need my help.

3. Stop Procrastinating: This is one thing I am sure I’m not alone in doing. Too many times I’ve left things too late thinking that there is plenty of time remaining. And then when the deadline is fast approaching I would be struggling to complete the assigned work. It also means that I’ll probably end up participating in more blog contests next year so watch out you guys! 😀

4. Learn to play new sport : For long I’ve been wanting to learn and play either tennis or squash both of which I’ve never played in my life mainly due to point number 3. So its time to buck up. Also since Roger Federer’s form is dipping and Rafael Nadal is injury prone, its a good time for me to make a mark in the sport 😛

5. Stop Worrying : There are so many occasions we waste time worrying about things which we have no control over. Instead I would like to concentrate on the present and try not to think too much into the future. Its good to plan for the future but altogether a different thing to worry based on what problems your planned future holds for you. So now on I’ll dream of making as much money as the Ambanis without worrying about how I’m gonna do it!

6. Work on my Blog : I started my blog more than 6 years back but have never managed to sustain the frequency of posts. 93 posts spread over 6 years is downright dismal. I have somehow managed to get the best out of my blog in the last 6 months and hope to better it in the coming year. You can help me by promoting my posts too. Maybe you should add that into your bucket list 😛

7. Concentrate on Family : Now that I’ve been blessed with a son who at the time of writing this post Is 2 months old, I want to spend more and more time with him a at least till he becomes a teenager when he would rather spend time with his girl friends than with me. Im done with studying and exams and hence I would try to give as much time as possible to my wife and son along with my parents and be an integral part in his growth. Since i also have to work, you can help me in this endeavour of mine by sending me donations 😀

8. Publish my writing : My wife keeps insisting that I submit posts for different publications but I’ve always shied away from them saying that the posts weren’t good enough. Next year I will try and publish as many posts of mine as possible. Once I do, I will spam your timelines with links to my posts and beg you to read them.

9. Travel more: Last 2 years have been a real drab in terms of travel. Have been hardly away from home due to studies basically. This year I would love to travel and visit a few new places with family. Plan a roadtrip to Goa with friends too. The last one was before marriage and it was amazing. Now 3 out the 5 of us are married and so Goa 2.0 is a must!

10. Read more: Enough of surgery books. The last 3 years have been all about them. Start reading novels and autobiographies again which i used to read so much earlier. If you want your books reviewed send a free copy and they will be given an honest review.

This is my 10 point agenda for the year 2015. Watch this space next year to know if I’ve religiously followed what I’ve planned or if I’ve done a U-turn on them like most of our governments!


  1. I guess most of them are is in many bloggers list 🙂 and consistently every year 😉 Let’s hope at least you achieve what we couldn’t !!! And about saying “no” thing, have tried it like crazy but it just gets stuck in the throat.. any surgical procedure to get them out???

  2. Learning to “say no ” is always tough in our field, I know. But you need to do so otherwise you will be forever tagged as ‘that guy we can get to do the extra stuff’ and as you and I both know, there will always be tons of extra stuff waiting for us at work.

    Similarly, do make the time count for your family. years from now, u will look back on the extra hours spent at work and wonder – was it worth it losing these precious moments at home?

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